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Japanese Largest C2C Ticket Marketplace Accpets Bitcoin

Japanese Ticket Camp To Roll Forward Bitcoin Powered Ticket Industry Ticket Camp, a premier customer-to-customer (C2C) ticket exchange marketplace in Japan have made the public announcement of being the front runner in the sphere of accepting Bitcoin as a payment means for issuing tickets in Japanese ticket industry. The two year

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Japanese Bitcoin Exchange, Bitflyer To Start Operations In US

Japan’s BitFlyer to Travel Overseas With Global Business Aim BitFlyer, a Bitcoin exchange from Japan have announced the spread of their operations into the US soil within 2017 fall. They have selected San Francisco to house their next company office. BitFlyer, the third largest cryptocurrency trading platform has already garnered regulatory

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South African Bitcoin Exchange Reports Record High Trading Volume

The Rise of Bitcoin in South Africa South African Bitcoin trading circuit experienced an all-time high last week in terms of trading volume and new price goals reached. This upheaval in trading volume portrays the dream run of South African market in digital currency sector this year. Luno, a premier Bitcoin trading

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Egypt’s First Bitcoin Exchange, Bitcoin Egypt To Start Trading This Month.

Egypt Welcomes Its First Bitcoin Exchange, Bitcoin Egypt The founders of Egypt's first Bitcoin Exchange, Bitcoin Egypt recently announced that the exchange of Middle East’s most crowded country will go live by the end of this month. However the exchange will undergo a beta testing phase before becoming fully operational from

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Australian Government Proposes to Regulate Bitcoin Exchanges

Australian government has recently proposed to bring in stringent regulation over Bitcoin Exchanges to counter terrorism and money laundering in the rise of significant evil creeping into the sphere of digital currency causing people to loose valuables while transacting in cryptospace. Australian senators divided by parties got unified over the common objective

Read More | Bitcoin | Bitcoin News | Bitcoin transactions | Bitcoin and Monero | BTC and XMR Offers Full Anonymous Bitcoin Transactions In Exchange Of Monero Offers Anonymity While Sending Bitcoins By Concealing Transaction Path Bitcoin transactions to go under the veil of anonymity thanks to which will foster transactions on behalf of its users. The website will collect monero (XMR) from its subscribers and will send a corresponding amount of Bitcoin on their behalf thus

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Transmit Bitcoin From Space Across The World Using Satellite Technology

Send Bitcoin Without Using Internet Blockstream, a Bitcoin protocol firm has recently announced their plan of using satellite technology for transmitting Bitcoins across the world. For this purpose they have leased satellites which shall download the working Bitcoin node and harbouring transaction data of the blockchain platform. Such satellites will foster

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Bitcoin and Women Empowerment in Afghanistan

Afghan Lady Instils Bitcoin Efficiency Into Women Empowerment Roya Mahboob, an Afghan entrepreneur has declared her intention of organising a Bitcoin conference in Afghanistan to bring forward projects developed in the same sector by female Afghan entrepreneurs for public acceptance.  She is the Co-founder and CEO of Digital Citizen Fund and

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Global Financial Institutions Aren’t Shying Away from Bitcoin

Global Financial Institutions may enter into Cryptocurrency Trading With the market cap of cryptocurrency crossing the $100 billion benchmark, finance’s old guards cannot turn cold shoulder to digital currency options like Bitcoin anymore. Last week CBOE Holdings announced its plans of debuting with Bitcoin Futures. Goldman Sachs has also recently outlined the

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