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SparkLabs Launches $100M Fund To Accelerate Blockchain Startups

SparkChain Capital gifts crypto sphere with a $100 million worth funding tool for  blockchain startups In the changing times, Blockchain Technology is emerging victorious as the people’s favourite with every possible market starting from car-sharing to music falling prey to its alluring charm. There are also certain cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum,

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Russia’s Largest Bank Sberbank Joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Meet Sberbank, The Newest Member Of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has been growing the size of its enterprise distributed ledger technology by adding more than 100 businesses in the way which are compatible with the Ethereum blockchain architecture.  The latest addition to this ever growing network is Sberbank, one

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IBM Empowers Global Financial Payment Module With Blockchain Technology

Global giant IBM is taking up the path of benevolence by implementing the technology behind Bitcoin, i.e, Blockchain for bridging gaps in between small business houses located in underdeveloped countries so that they can participate in global trade with renewed enthusiasm. The project was announced recently this week and will be operated

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What is WISeCoin? World Internet Secure Coin, A New Cryptocurrency Platform

WISeCoin is a New Cryptocurrency Platform by WISeKey to Facilitate Countries to launch their own Cryptocurrencies  WISeKey - A Swiss company that specialises is IoT solutions and cybersecurity has recently announced a new "World Internet Secure Coin - WISeCoin". WISeCoin is basically a Blockchain platform which allows countries to have their

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GCC Blockchain Conference in Dubai on 22-23 November 2017

GCC Blockchain Conference in Dubai 2017 Dubai government has recently annouced to become the first blockchain-powered government in the world by 2020. Blockchain Technology is witnessing seriousness from almost all the private and public sectors in Dubai. Walking towards the same vision, Immensoft Business Intelligence (IMNBI), is organizing a 2 day Blockchain conference

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Atomic Swap between Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains is Now Open Source

Developers from the cryptocurrency startup - Altcoin Exchange - are now open-sourcing technology which allows for automatic trading between the Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains. Altcoin Exchange claims this to be the first “atomic-swap” in terms of market value between the two largest cryptocurrencies. The code is now available on GitHub and

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Indian State Plans to Fight Land Property Frauds Using Blockchain Technology

Andhra Pradesh to adopt Blockchain Technology to Curb Land Property Frauds  The Blockchain Technology which is said to be the heart of several operating cryptocurrencies is finding its use for yet another potential application for other industries as well. The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has proposed the idea of using the

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Legal Framework for Blockchain Crypto Property in Swiss Crypto Valley

Swiss Crypto Valley Association Designs a Legal Framework for ‘Blockchain Crypto Property’  After a major crackdown on ICO by the Swiss financial regulatory body FINMA, the Swiss Crypto Valley Association is advocating to adopt a legal framework for tokenised assets. The Crypto Valley Association has a number of popular Blockchain and

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Blockchain Meetup “BlockShow” on 6 October 2017 in The Classroom, Gurugram

Blockchain technology has been making waves as the latest catchword toppling over other bigshots with its dynamic approach. Starting from government bodies to financial institution, everyone wants a piece of this lucrative cookie to implement distributed ledger technology into their existing architecture. With a view to celebrate the success of

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Sweden And NASDAQ Collaborates For Blockchain Based Mutual Fund Trading

Sweden’s SEB Bank and Nasdaq Join Hands for Blockchain Mutual Fund Trading  The Nordic financial Services Group SEB and Nasdaq Inc have come together in order to create a “developed prototype” of a mutual fund trading platform based on the blockchain technology. This collaboration and trial are currently aimed at Swedish

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