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Bankchain , What is Bankchain

Bitcoin,Blockchain, now “BANK-CHAIN”!!!

As discussed in our previous post Banks looking out for Blockchain, SBI is really pushing it ahead to introduce "Bank-Chain". State Bank of India and BANK-CHAIN As RBI's research arm institute IDRBT (Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology) issued a white paper in favour of BLOCKCHAIN, the under lying technology

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ASSOCHAM organizes National Summit on Bitcoin & Blockchain

ASSOCHAM organizes National Summit on Bitcoin & Blockchain As Bitcoin and it's underlying technology "Blockchain" is gaining immense popularity around the globe,a revolution is being experienced in the field of finance,supply chain and banking sectors. Being fast,safe,unregulated and free from control of any authority, large number of people have started using

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Indian Banks looking out for Blockchain.

Good news for Blockchain enthusiasts in India. In recent times, blockchain is gaining huge popularity all over and particularly in financial sectors. Due to it's high security and transparency alike features, Indian banks are also eyeing on it. The State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest bank  has stood up  to push a

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What is Blockchain.

What is Blockchain? Explained in detail.

Blockchain is the key technology on which the world’s first decenteralized  cryptocurrency i.e., Bitcoin is based upon. Many cryptocurrencies which came into existence after Bitcoin, are also based on Blockchain Technology. After the financial world, various other industries such as Music,Banking,Insurance,Healthcare, Real Estate sectors are also counting upon Blockchain Technology to secure

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