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Indian State Andhra Pradesh Adopts Blockchain Technology to Secure Citizen Data

Blockhain Technology in Andhra Pradesh India's seventh largest state, Andhra Pradesh, has signed a partnership with WISeKey, a cybersecurity company, in a bid to protect citizen data using Blockchain technology. In the wake of a huge pool of individuals’ data stored on databases, and the ever-growing reports of cybercrime, the state revealed

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EY Collaborates With Microsoft, Maersk To Launch Blockchain Enabled Marine Insurance

EY, Microsoft and Maersk have announced their collaboration to develop Blockchain Technology based platform for marine insurance. One of the “Big Four” accounting firms, EY plans to bring Blockchain Technology to marine insurance. In this venture, EY has collaborated with Microsoft, A.P Moller-Maersk and others. Blockchain, the distributed ledger technology, will be

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Latest Blockchain Technology news in India | Latest Blockchain Technology updates in India | Blockchain technology in dubai | Blockchain Technology in UAE | Blockchain Technology and Oil and Natural Gas | Blockchain Technology in Gulf Countries

Oil-Rich Gulf Countries Embraces Blockchain Technology

Oil producing gulf countries are all set to adopt blockchain-based technology platform to power up their industry by bringing transparency and efficiency across processes. Cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology behind it, known as Blockchain, have received worldwide acceptance. More than the digital currency, its root technology is growing exponentially, even beyond the

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Ripple Set’s Up New Office in Mumbai, India.

Ripple Proposes To Cater To India’s Digital Economy With A Brand New Mumbai Branch Keeping in sync with the growing customer base, Ripple has been active in setting up new branches surpassing global boundaries starting with Australia in 2015, Japan in 2016 through a joint collaboration with SBI and UK in

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Latest Blockchain Technology News in India | Latest Blockchain Technology Updates in India | Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence | Blcockhain Technology and AI | AI and Blocckahin Technology alliance in China | Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology ABCD Alliance in China

Alliance For Artificial Intelligence And Blockchain Technology In China

ABCD Alliance- Alliance for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology in China First of its kind, “Alliance for Development of Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain Technologies ” will be held in China to bring the two technologies together September 3, 2017 was the date when “Seminar of Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain Technologies" took

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Central Bank Of Brazil Considers Blockchain Technology For Payment Settlements

Banco Central do Brasil eying on Blockchain Technology for settlement system A new technical research paper recently released by The Central Bank of Brazil evaluates blockchain use cases and reviews a few of the available platforms to establish working prototypes of a minimal Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS). To comprehend and

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Latest Blockchain technology news in india | Latest Blcockhain technology updates in India | aion blockchain | Nuco aion blockchain technology | Aion blocckhains

Aion To Facilitate Communication Between Different Blockchain Networks

Enterprise grade Blockchain platform, Nuco is all set to launch "Aion", the one of its kind interoperable Blockchain network and the initial framework to enable communication between Blockchains. Aion has been created with the objective to facilitate instant, global transfer and recording of information between Blockchains. At present, Blockchain seem like

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Ehereum Blcockhain Technology and United Nations | Latest Blockchain Technology news in india | Latest Blcockhain Technology updates in India | Ethereum Blockchain and AId | Ethereum blcockhain technology and UNICEF | Ethereum blockchain technology and climate change | Ethereum blockchain technology and Identitiy management | Ethereum blockchain technology and remittances | Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts | United nations and blockchain | Un and Blockchain

5 Ways How United Nation Sees Potential Of Blockchain Technology

10,000 Syrian refugees waiting for aid at Azraq camp in Jordon received help quite early, but not from the typical white and blue trucks from the United Nations’ World Food Program (WFP). Support came in the form of electronic vouchers backed by the most talked about technology  these days i.e,

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Alibaba, EY, IBM and Microsoft Implements Blockchain Technology

IBM, Microsoft, Alibaba and EY Deploy Blockchain to Bring Transparency in Supply Chain Prominent global companies are in awe of Blockchain technology which has the potential to solve visibility issues persistent in supply chain for decades. Companies are considering Blockchain implementation to bring greater transparency in supply chain. The much hyped Blockchain

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Lykke- A Blockchain Enabled Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Lykke, the cryptocurrency trading platform and CryptoTax, a financial-legal firm bonds over Blockchain Technology Lykke, a Zurich-based, Blockchain-enabled trading platform, allies with CryptoTax to help customers with country-specific tax reports. Last year have been in favor of Blockchain based tokens as they witnessed a significant rise in attention and value. Lykke

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