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Surbtc, The Cryptocurrency Exchange expands to Peruvian Market

Surbtc, a cryptocurrency exchange based out of Latin America has launched a Bitcoin and  Ethereum trading platform in line with its contemporary Bitinka for catering to the Peruvian cryptocurrency market. Surbtc has spread its wings over the virtual currency markets of Columbia, Chile and Peru with its latest development. Announcement of

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DASH, The Silent Darkhorse Surpasses $300 Mark.

Dash Emerges As The Crypto Market Darkhorse With Value Surpassing $300 USD With Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin attracting much adulteration people are completely overlooking the major price overhaul of Dash, another form of cryptocurrency which has crossed the US$300 mark lately. As the competition heats up its will be interesting to

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Dash Partners with Arizona State University to Launch a Blockchain Research Lab

The latest blockchain news is the partnership of Dash with Arizona State University (ASU) to establish a Blockchain Research Lab. Fulton College of Engineering at ASU will receive funds from Dash for the research lab. Blockchain research lab in the educational sphere Dash is funding the high-end blockchain research in the

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Monero Price Surges, Top Gainer in Cryptocurrency Market.

Monero: Cryptocurrency for True Anonymity Monero was recently in top gainers in the cryptocurrency world, almost doubling from $50 to $100 within the last couple of hours and then settling at around $80. The current surge can be attributed to two major developments in the last month. First, Monero is rumoured to

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New Patent Awarded to Coinbase for Bitcoin Protection

"Private Key Ceremony" Patent Is The Latest Addition To Coinbase Basket Coinbase, a premier cryptocurrency exchange based out of San Francisco was recently awarded a new patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a security technique related to safekeeping, distributing and proper usage of private keys. The said patent

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Price of Bitcoin Cash Surges Following Speedy Transactions.

Bitcoin Cash Surges High Following Transaction Speed Boost The price of Bitcoin Cash, the new born cryptocurrency which came into being after the hard fork of August 1st, underwent a massive hike in price following market sentiments swinging in favor of Bitcoin Cash speeding up transactions. According to data published by,

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Meet This 15 Year old Kid Having Bitcoin Worth $1.7 Million, Drops Out From School.

Bitcoin Powered School Dropout Millionaire Collaborating With NASA A twelve year child decided to do something different with his gift money from his grandmother worth $1000 which was intended for his scholarship fund. Thus the child chose to invest the same in Bitcoin. Back in 2011 the cryptocurrency was worth only $12. Three

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A Swiss Bank To Sell Cryptocurrencies Like Litecoin, Ethereum And Bitcoin Cash

Swiss Bank Creates History By Being The Cryptocurrency Integrating Frontrunner Falcon Private Bank of Switzerland launched a digital asset management service earlier this summer with the goal of including new forms of cryptocurrencies into its operations. The Swiss Bank had earlier announced its plans of partnering with Bitcoin Suisse, a brokerage

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Ethereum Registers Record-Breaking Blockchain Transaction In 24 hours.

Ethereum, a decentralized platform for blockchain based applications, powered by Ether – a cryptocurrency, which in turn is powered by Blockchain, is making headlines. Reports say that the Ethereum network has registered a record 410,000 transactions during 14-15 August, which is more than any Blockchain platform ever. Co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik

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