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Ukranian Parliament Receives Another Bill To Treat Bitcoin As Financial Asset

New Ukrainian Bill Submmited Imparts The Financial Asset Tag To Bitcoin And Encourages Mining The Ukrainian parliament recently received dual applications for proposed bills which aim at building a legalized cryptocurrency framework. One of them have also proposed conferring upon them the title of being recognized as a financial asset. The drafted

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China May Launch It’s Own Cryptocurrency

Republic of China Might Soon Roll Out Its Fiat Cryptocurrency Although Chinese officials have been putting up a tough face while dealing with ICO activities, rumours says the Central Bank of China is slowly bracing itself to launch it's own state-backed cryptocurrency. Background tests of the cryptocurrency is being carried out regularly

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Top Ten Cryptocurrency List As on 22 October 2017

Bitcoin (up 4% week-on-week) set new all time high price records this week, where Bitcoin price going up to $6180 with a total market capitalization of over $100 billion on Friday before settling in the $5900 range on Sunday as of publishing this article. Bitcoin has held its current price quite

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Buy House And Pay In Bitcoin

The First Ever Bitcoin Powered Real Estate Purchase Can Become A Reality In Britain Very Soon Bitcoin is slowly spreading its wings over and across various sectors and real estate is its latest target. Certain visionary developers are planning to work out a Bitcoin powered sale of house property for the

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Bitcoin Coding Classes Organized By Bitcoin Core Team To Start In Early 2018

New York–based development company and Bitcoin Core’s major contributor, Chaincode Labs is all set to organize the second edition of Bitcoin residency program during the first months of 2018. This much talked about program is aimed at helping developers get over the steep learning curve which can be associated with

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Vauatu Denies Citizenship Offer In Exchange Of Bitcoin

Vanuatu denies cryptocurrency powered citizenship promises Vanuatu, a tiny island nation settled in the South Pacific which had previously created a huge stir by declaring that Vanuatu shall offer citizenship in exchange of Bitcoins to those who wish to lead a life surrounded by sun, sea and sand , have denied the

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Kazakhstan To Launch It’s Own Fiat Backed Cryptocurrency

Kazakhstan Planning To Infiltrate The Crypto Market With An Indigenous Fiat-Backed Digital Asset After Russia and Australia, now it is time for Kazakhstan to propose the launch of its own government backed cryptocurrency. The country’s government body voiced support in favour of Astana International Finance Center (AIFC) and said that it

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Russia’s Largest Bank Sberbank Joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Meet Sberbank, The Newest Member Of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has been growing the size of its enterprise distributed ledger technology by adding more than 100 businesses in the way which are compatible with the Ethereum blockchain architecture.  The latest addition to this ever growing network is Sberbank, one

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