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Latest ICO: Walnuts ICO, Decentralizing Venture Capitalism

Become A Venture Capital by Participating in Walnuts ICO by White Lion Global Ventures Asia’s first Coin Traded (CTF) and Coin Managed Fund (CMF), White Lion Global Ventures (WLGV) Fund intends to finance startups working around Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technologies and 3D printing. In wake of this, White

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Thai Securities and Exchange Commission Willing To Support ICO

Thai Welcome To ICO Regulation & Implementation With countries across the globe waking up to the Bitcoin revolution, the Securities and Exchange Commission in Thailand has opened its floodgate to regulations in the sphere of Initial Coin Offering. The same is becoming all the more important with various country laws considering ICO

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Meet The ETHLend ICO Team At The India Blockchain Week 2017

Attend India Blockchain Week  2017 to meet the team behind ETHlend ICO Lending takes steps towards decentralization. As the centuries have evolved, lending methods have been advanced to ease out the process of lending and at the same time secure the money of lenders. But since the past century, banks have exploited

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Latest ICO : ATLANT, Blockchain For Real-Estate

ATLANT ICO Atlant, the ongoing ICO is developed as an open source, next-generation real-estate platform, to provide tokenized framework as well as P2P rental network features, which will operate and trade on Ethereum blockchain. Realizing the potential of Blockchain technology to accelerate the adoption of the Sharing Economy, the brains behind

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Latest ICO: Umbrella Coin– ICO For Insurance Sector

The Umbrella coin ICO The Umbrella Coin (UMC) is a blockchain-enabled next-gen insurance platform to overcome hidden costs of traditional insurance. As the solution will be built on a decentralized, Ethereum blockchain platform, it will help to avoid the fees and management costs that create a burden on individuals and businesses.

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Chinese ICO Ban A Reality, But Not Permanent. Licensing May Be Introduced Soon.

Chinese ban on ICO maybe soon uplifted and come under regulations, along with Bitcoin. With China announcing a ban on ICO last Monday, cryptocurrency markets have been subject to massive volatility. Speculations and gossip vines also tried to add mode fuel to the fire by suggesting at a probable ban on Bitcoin

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Australia’s Blockchain Based Energy Startup raises $17 Million In It’s Pre-ICO Sale.

Power Ledger, Australian Blockchain Energy Trading Startup, has generated $17 Million in it's Cryptocurrency ‘ICO’ Power Ledger, an Australian startup that is seeking Blockchain technology to create peer-to-peer energy trading applications has raised AU$17 million in just over 3 days of the public token presale in the energy space. The first sale,

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Latest ICO : BANKERA-Banking for the Blockchain Era

Bankera ICO Blockchain powered bank built for the blockchain era – Bankera, a digital bank – aims to exploit the blockchain technology to cut down the number of counterparties in an endeavor to reduce the cost of banking for end customers. As a traditional bank, its services could span over three blocks: Payments Includes

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Latest ICO : LAToken, Now Trade Real Assets In Cryptocurrencies

Trading of  Real Assets in Cryptocurrencies enabled with LAToken – The Latest ongoing Initial Coin Offer LAToken – A Blockchain Exchange An innovative Blockchain platform, LAToken allows tokenizing and trading real assets using cryptocurrencies globally. Subsequently, bringing cryptocurrencies to the real economy. Simply put, LAToken is a Blockchain Technology based Exchange

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China Bans ICO, While Canadian Launches First Regulated ICO- Impak Finance

Canadian Regulators Warm Up To An Exclusive Token Sale Amidst Chinese Stringency No wonder Bitcoin is undergoing price fluctuations in the backdrop of extreme crypto dealings across the globe. On Monday, the Chinese officials to ban ICO proceedings and asking companies who have undertaken the same route to return back the

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