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Australian Government Introduces ‘Double Taxation’ Relief Bill for Cryptocurrency

As trading in cryptocurrencies is getting more mainstream, the Australian government is considering to introduce a bill in order to resolve a “double taxation” issue for the cryptocurrency. As per the existing laws in the country, all the investors and traders have to compulsory pay the goods-and-services tax (GST) in case

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Australia’s Blockchain Based Energy Startup raises $17 Million In It’s Pre-ICO Sale.

Power Ledger, Australian Blockchain Energy Trading Startup, has generated $17 Million in it's Cryptocurrency ‘ICO’ Power Ledger, an Australian startup that is seeking Blockchain technology to create peer-to-peer energy trading applications has raised AU$17 million in just over 3 days of the public token presale in the energy space. The first sale,

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Australia To Launch 3000 Bitcoin ATM’s

Bitcoin Australia Gets A Tad Stronger With New 3000 Bitcoin ATM To Be Launched Soon. With countries across the globe making strides to herald the Bitcoin revolution, how can Australia be left behind? The Aussie authorities have thus decided to bring in this cryptocurrency storm a step closer to general public radius

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Australian Government Proposes to Regulate Bitcoin Exchanges

Australian government has recently proposed to bring in stringent regulation over Bitcoin Exchanges to counter terrorism and money laundering in the rise of significant evil creeping into the sphere of digital currency causing people to loose valuables while transacting in cryptospace. Australian senators divided by parties got unified over the common objective

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