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Latest ICO : BANKERA-Banking for the Blockchain Era

Bankera ICO Blockchain powered bank built for the blockchain era – Bankera, a digital bank – aims to exploit the blockchain technology to cut down the number of counterparties in an endeavor to reduce the cost of banking for end customers. As a traditional bank, its services could span over three blocks: Payments Includes

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Ripple Set’s Up New Office in Mumbai, India.

Ripple Proposes To Cater To India’s Digital Economy With A Brand New Mumbai Branch Keeping in sync with the growing customer base, Ripple has been active in setting up new branches surpassing global boundaries starting with Australia in 2015, Japan in 2016 through a joint collaboration with SBI and UK in

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Blockchain Technology and Banking Sector | Blockchain Technology in Banking | Latest Blockchain Technology news in India | Latest Blockcahin Technology updates in India

Banking Facilitated by Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has been a hot topic of discussion ever since it came into existence. The technology has found applications across several industries and now it is heading to transform banking sector. An advanced, scalable, highly secure and efficient technology, Blockchain is believed to bring radical changes across a host of industry

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Blockchain and Banking – A perfect match

Blockchain R&D Wing Of Singapore Central Bank - Latest Update Singapore’s monetary authority has rolled forward a three step plan for establishing a connection with central banks all around the globe on the wings of distributed ledger technology(Blockchain Technology). Named as Project Ubin, this platform wishes to implement real time operations

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Ripple Blockchain adopted by Japan,Thailand Banks

Ripple Blockchain empowers transfer of funds from Two to Five Seconds A recent news came in where the banks in Japan and Thailand adopted Ripple Blockchain Technology to transfer funds. The international funds transfer could take place with in Two to Five seconds, thanks to the Blockchain Technology. The first blockchain transfer

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UAE Bank integrates Blockchain Technology to avoid frauds

Emirates Islamic Bank puts Cheques on the Blockchain technology The UAE's Emirates Islamic Bank has integrated Blockchain technology based product called "Check Chain" ,  for its checks system to avoid fraud. Check Chain is a product built using blockchain technology and has the characterstics of the same. Emirates Islamic Bank became the first bank

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Blockchain to enter in Spain’s Banking Sector

Blockchain Technology  will now be adopted by Spanish banks. The banks in Spain are now exploring Blockchain technology. These banks are now forming their own Blockchain Consortium Cecabank, a Spanish bank along with some other partners has formed the Blockchain Consortium. At present, the consortium is gaining around One-Third support from

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Bitcoin,Blockchain, now “BANK-CHAIN”!!!

As discussed in our previous post Banks looking out for Blockchain, SBI is really pushing it ahead to introduce "Bank-Chain". State Bank of India and BANK-CHAIN As RBI's research arm institute IDRBT (Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology) issued a white paper in favour of BLOCKCHAIN, the under lying technology

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