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The Pick And Pay Retail Stores In CapeTown Are Accepting Bitcoins as Payments

Pick and Pay accepts Bitcoin Past few days have not been so great for the cryptocurrency market as investors are gripped with a bit of worry and fear. The cryptocurrency markets witnessed a major correction owing to two main reasons: first is the negative statement by Wall Street’s one of the

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Flying Taxies, Blockchain Technology And Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Flies High Over Transport Market With Latest Flying Taxies Don’t we all wish to fly to our workplace in times of extreme delay? Well, that is just going to become a reality with the introduction of flying taxies which will revolutionise the way we perceive daily commuting.  A German start

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Latest Bitcoin News in India | Latest Bitcoin Updates in India | Bitcoin and Uber | Where to spend Bitcoins | Bitcoin accepted here | Top companies accepting Bitcoin

After Expedia, Uber May Start Accepting Bitcoin In Payments.

Post Expedia, Uber  May Be The Latest Launchpad for Bitcoin. Dara Khosrowshahi the ex-CEO of Expedia and a thorough Bitcoin enthusiast has recently been appointed as the CEO of Uber, the ride sharing giant. This has led to widespread speculations about the collaboration of Bitcoin powered payment mechanism into Uber’s architecture.

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