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Top Ten Cryptocurrency List As On 8 October 2017

The cryptocurrency market has held the $150 billion mark really well since last Sunday fluctuating between $140 billion and $151 billion, with Bitcoin (4% up), Ripple (30% up) and Neo (10% up) being the biggest gainers in the  top ten cryptocurrency list. Bitcoin broke the $4500 mark for the first

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Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization near to $170 Billion.

Cryptocurrency Market Cap Bridges Over The $160 Billion Hurdle Amidst Market Volatility “Bitcoin” has been the latest buzzword basking in much adulteration following its price hike crossing the $4580 mark. Coinmarketcap data has revealed exchange traded value of $4576 as on Tuesday which is at least $130 higher than its previous

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Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Start Bitcoin Cash Trading

Premier Chinese Exchanges May Soon Start Trading Of Bitcoin Cash OKCoin and Huobi, two of the biggest Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges have shown a green signal to Bitcoin Cash trading. Bitcoin Cash is a new form of cryptocurrency which was launched on 1st August as a readymade alternative of the traditional Bitcoin mode. Bitcoin Cash

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Price of Bitcoin Cash Surges Following Speedy Transactions.

Bitcoin Cash Surges High Following Transaction Speed Boost The price of Bitcoin Cash, the new born cryptocurrency which came into being after the hard fork of August 1st, underwent a massive hike in price following market sentiments swinging in favor of Bitcoin Cash speeding up transactions. According to data published by,

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A Swiss Bank To Sell Cryptocurrencies Like Litecoin, Ethereum And Bitcoin Cash

Swiss Bank Creates History By Being The Cryptocurrency Integrating Frontrunner Falcon Private Bank of Switzerland launched a digital asset management service earlier this summer with the goal of including new forms of cryptocurrencies into its operations. The Swiss Bank had earlier announced its plans of partnering with Bitcoin Suisse, a brokerage

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Coinbase Warms Up To Bitcoin Cash And Promises to Support it From Next Year

Coinbase may list Bitcoin Cash in 2018 Coinbase, one of the biggest names to reckon with in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges, which has been attracting news headlines in the past few days following their lack of support towards the nascent form of Bitcoin Cash has finally taken the call of

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Positive Catalyst Can Boost The Limited Potential Of Bitcoin Cash

According to details divulged by industry insiders to CNBC, Bitcoin Cash needs a catalyst to impart positive inertia to its otherwise mundane long-term run. This new cryptocurrency rose following the hard fork of the underlying Blockchain technology as cryptocurrency users nurtured different opinions in regard to Blockchain’s capacity which was

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Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Shoot Up In Face Of A Plummeting Bitcoin Cash

Following the launch of the new cryptocurrency BitcoinCash from the Blockchain hard fork, digital currency front runners rose up to their former glory on Thursday following a stabilization in Bitcoin prices since the market volatility led to some heavy selling. Safe Haven The price of a single Bitcoin dropped to $2723.58 at

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