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North Korea Targets South Korea Bitcoin Exchanges

North Korean Hackers Set Global Targets After U.N. Policy Stringency Cyberattacks infiltrating the security parameters of global financial institutions have always zeroed on North Korea as the penultimate mastermind behind all such malicious activities. Their latest exploit have garnered much concern worldwide as the hackers from North Korea targeted South Korean

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RBI Looking For Cryptocurrencies, But Not For Private Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin

Indian Central Bank Shy Away From Imparting Fiat Status To Virtual Currency Forms According to the Economic Times,the Central Bank of India, RBI announced that they are searching for fiat cryptocurrencies but not comfortable with privately issued cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. The announcement was made today by RBI Executive Director Sudarshan Sen

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Flying Taxies, Blockchain Technology And Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Flies High Over Transport Market With Latest Flying Taxies Don’t we all wish to fly to our workplace in times of extreme delay? Well, that is just going to become a reality with the introduction of flying taxies which will revolutionise the way we perceive daily commuting.  A German start

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First Criminal Case Opens Up Involving Bitcoin in Russia

Russian Cryptocurrency Sector Reports First Bitcoin Centered Criminal Offence Bitcoin market have been experiencing a rather tumultuous drive since the last few weeks in Russian periphery following the arrest of three businessmen who were charged for engaging in illegal trading of $9 million worth cryptocurrency or 500 million rubles of Bitcoin.

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Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization near to $170 Billion.

Cryptocurrency Market Cap Bridges Over The $160 Billion Hurdle Amidst Market Volatility “Bitcoin” has been the latest buzzword basking in much adulteration following its price hike crossing the $4580 mark. Coinmarketcap data has revealed exchange traded value of $4576 as on Tuesday which is at least $130 higher than its previous

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Japanese Largest C2C Ticket Marketplace Accpets Bitcoin

Japanese Ticket Camp To Roll Forward Bitcoin Powered Ticket Industry Ticket Camp, a premier customer-to-customer (C2C) ticket exchange marketplace in Japan have made the public announcement of being the front runner in the sphere of accepting Bitcoin as a payment means for issuing tickets in Japanese ticket industry. The two year

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US Congress Members Plans For A Compliant Version Of Bitcoin

Three US Congressmen Plan To Usher An AML Compliant and Controllable Bitcoin Version The Bitcoin future might be at the receiving end of more regulations in United States. Three Congressmen are toiling hard to usher in end-to-end legislation to uphold the security perimeter of cryptocurrencies and protect the same against government

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