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Attention Blockchain Startups! $50 Million VC Fund Could Be Yours

ConsenSys announces a $50 Million Venture Fund for Blockchain Startups There’s a good new for blockchain startups. Ethereum startup and incubator ConsenSys has announced a $50 million venture funds for any startup working involving Blockchain technology. The fund, called ConsenSys Ventures, will be led by investment specialist Kavita Gupta, while ConsenSys founder

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Alibaba, EY, IBM and Microsoft Implements Blockchain Technology

IBM, Microsoft, Alibaba and EY Deploy Blockchain to Bring Transparency in Supply Chain Prominent global companies are in awe of Blockchain technology which has the potential to solve visibility issues persistent in supply chain for decades. Companies are considering Blockchain implementation to bring greater transparency in supply chain. The much hyped Blockchain

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South korea blockchain insurance

South Korea to adopt Blockchain in it’s Insurance Sector

South Korean Government asks Insurance Company to test Blockchain Technology An Insurance provider in South Korea, by the name of Kyobo Life  was selected by the South Korean Government to test and operate it’s Blockchain pilot project. Kyobo Life, the government owned insurance company will be collaborating with Blockchain Technology startup

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verify the quality of wine using blockchain technology

Verify your wine quality using Blockchain technology

Wine Certification on Blockchain Technology Blockchain technology has already started to being adopted in various business sectors such as banking, real state, healthcare, etc One interesting news that came in recently is, the Blockchain technology is being used to certify wine quality. EY along with a startups EZLab has created a blockchain

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US Government invests in Healthcare blockchain startups

US Government invests in Healthcare Blockchain

Applicability of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare sector Various Companies operating in healthcare sectors utilizes various  databases softwares to store and secure the data of numerous patients. This data is basically medical reports that can be utilized for identifying any individual and also taking reference for future consultations. This information is known

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future group to support blockchain startups in india

Future Group to help Blockchain Startups in India

The rise of Blockchain in India Future group, the retail giant has announced to launch an accelerator in Bangalore to support startups in the sectors of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain , Big-Data analysis, Internet of Things and many other technological related businesses. The new accelerator programme by Future Group, which is named as

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Samsung launches blockchain based products

Samsung Launches Blokchain Based products

3 New Blockchain-powered products launched by Samsung Leader in the Mobile devices market , Samsung a computer tech giant has recently launched three new platforms which are based on blockchain technology. Nexledger, a Blockchain based platform launched by Samung, aims to provide an integrated solution to “corporations looking for a cost-efficient method of

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indian startups working on blockchain

Indian Startups working on Blockchain

Blockchain, the next generation of Internet , is creating a buzz almost everywhere. Blockchain is the underlying technology used to create Bitcoin, world’s first decentralized digital crypto currency and is gaining interest in almost every sector. Apart from being used in currencies, blockchain is also under consideration from key players in

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