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Blockchain Implementation in Transportation Industry with BiTA

BiTa To Promote Blockchain Technology in Transportation Industry A fresh Blockchain consortium BiTA has emerged with the intention to encourage and promote the development and adoption of Blockchain technology in trucking, transport and logistics industry. BiTA or Blockchain in Trucking Alliance came into existence this month only, in August, 2017, and has

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Beauty Queen Turned Cannabis Entrepreneur Introduces New ICO Paragon

Former Miss Iowa, Jessica VerSteeg Launches An ICO For Her Cannabis Startup. Seeing potential with Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrency, Jessica VerSteeg, a model and former Miss Iowa 2014, has launched her new Blockchain company Paragon. This venture intends to introduce initial coin offering for her cannabis start-up, based in California. She has

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Blockchain Technology Could Revolutionize Taxation

Blockchain Technology and Taxation The latest buzzword in technology is Blockchain that you haven’t heard the last of. It may be too technical for many. Many years have gone and people have now begun to truly understand Bitcoin, and now they are petrified with the Blockchain technology. Bitcoin, the world's first

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Blockchain For Copyright Protection

Nowadays, there have been discussions around uses and proposed uses of Blockchain Technology across several business segments like supply chain management, decentralized payment systems, land title registration, health records management, retail sector, and others. Protection from copyright infringement through Blockchain Technology has entered the discussions, lately. ( Read articles about application Blockchain

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Investor Naval Ravikant Seeking A Blockchain Alternative To Twitter

Naval Ravikant, the co-founder of Angel List and an early investor in Twitter, intends to invest on a Blockchain alternative to the popular social media site. While doing some regular research about Blockchain Technology at KryptoMoney, we got to know that Mr.Ravikant revealed his intentions to sponsor a prize to reward

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MasterCard ponders Over Capitalizing On Blockchain Technology

As published in a leading daily The Hindu, MasterCard is planning to reinforce its operations through Blockchain Technology, and anticipates a robust regulatory framework in India that clearly defines the application areas of Blockchain. Vice president at Mastercard, Amitabh Tewary, told The Hindu in an interview: “There are quite a few pilots

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PSA, PIL And IBM Collaborates To Explore Blockchain in Supply Chain Network

Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Network We, at, do regular R&D around Blockchain Technology. And during this course, we came across this interesting Blockchain news around potential applications of the tehcnology in Supply Chain Network. Pacific International Lines (PIL), IBM and PSA International have collaborated on Blockchain, and signed a Memorandum

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The Future of Money- A Multi Cryptocurrency World!!

Blockchain Events in India “Money is a social technology that evolves from human needs, not from government”. It is a medium of communication. We all know that money has evolved from barter to precious metals to digital money to decentralized currency (Bitcoin). Bitcoin isn’t Money and Blockchain, the technology behind it isn’t a

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Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence Together In Healthcare

The Bitfury Group and Insilico Medicine, Inc. collaborates to bring together Artifical Intelligence and blockchain to reinforce healthcare research A collaborative research agreement has been announced between The Bitfury Group, a full service Blockchain technology company, and Insilico Medicine, Inc., an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, to innovate ground-breaking healthcare applications. Partners

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What is in your food? Know using DNA Sequencing and Blockchain Technology

Know what your food contains using DNA sequencing and Blockchain Technology Food borne disease outbreaks have devastating health and economic impacts across the world. For this reason, food safety has become a thing of global concern. With the increasing consumption of packaged food, people are more concerned about what they are eating.

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