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IBM ahead of Microsoft in Blockchain Technology Race

Blockchain technology is garnering immense attention these days – from financial industries to copy machines and other sectors with a potential to adopt the technology. While industries are still working to adopt the distributed ledger technology, many IT and tech giants have already deployed blockchain to their IT infrastructure.  A

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Banks catching the blockchain fever globally

The cryptocurrency boom and other industries following the trend have propelled banks to adopt blockchain technology. Some of the world’s largest banks such as HSBC, Barclays, and the Swiss banking giant USB, have ventured on to develop a Blockchain technology powered paywall. US Federal Reserve has also hinted towards reinforcing

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Ripple Is Being Sued | Blockchain Consortium R3 Sues Ripple

Two of the Blockchain leaders – R3 and Ripple – in a legal broil Two blockchain giants R3, an operating firm behind leading US-based Blockchain consortium R3CEV, and Ripple, a development company of the fourth-largest Blockchain network in the world, are embroiled in a legal battle. R3 has filed a lawsuit that

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Food and Blockchain Technology | IBM collaborates With Walmart, Nestle.

Kroger, Walmart and Nestle collaborate with IBM over Blockchain to root out Meals Poisoning Blockchain, a distributed ledger technology, provides a decentralized platform to record data and information over a network of computers. Therefore, holds potential to transform business operating models in the long run. Sensing the potential of this technology,

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Dubai to adopt Blockchain Technology completely by 2020

Dubai Has Zeroed On Becoming A Blockchain Run Government By 2020, will provide online education to programmers and developers. Dubai is taking quick steps to become the first government to make full implementation of the Blockchain Technology by 2020 in all its actions. Blockchain is the underlying technology behind the world's first

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Blockchain and Banking – A perfect match

Blockchain R&D Wing Of Singapore Central Bank - Latest Update Singapore’s monetary authority has rolled forward a three step plan for establishing a connection with central banks all around the globe on the wings of distributed ledger technology(Blockchain Technology). Named as Project Ubin, this platform wishes to implement real time operations

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Russian Real Estate Registration Authority may adopt Blockchain Technology

Russia working on registration of Real Estate on Blockchain based platform The Russian authorities are examining the possibility of registering transactions related to real estate on a Blockchain based platform According to a regional report, the Russian Ministry of Communication is  considerong the use of Blockchain technology by government agencies including the Federal

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The State of Delaware adopts Blockchain Technology for Equity Markets

Delware's Equity Market now on Blockchain Technology  Last week, the state of Delaware passed amendments,  allowing to give a true legal basis to companies wishing to issue and trade shares via a Blockchain based platform. It will be active by the end of July.  Apparently, this seems to be a small change.

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Bajaj Allianz integrates Blockchain Technology

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance integrates Blockchain Technology Private insurance company Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is deploying a range of Blockchain-based services for travelers and vehicle owners. The purpose of the travel insurance service, called "Taravel Ezee", is to make reimbursement procedures simpler, more homogeneous and, above all, much faster. This allows customers to

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