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IBM Empowers Global Financial Payment Module With Blockchain Technology

Global giant IBM is taking up the path of benevolence by implementing the technology behind Bitcoin, i.e, Blockchain for bridging gaps in between small business houses located in underdeveloped countries so that they can participate in global trade with renewed enthusiasm. The project was announced recently this week and will be operated

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What is WISeCoin? World Internet Secure Coin, A New Cryptocurrency Platform

WISeCoin is a New Cryptocurrency Platform by WISeKey to Facilitate Countries to launch their own Cryptocurrencies  WISeKey - A Swiss company that specialises is IoT solutions and cybersecurity has recently announced a new "World Internet Secure Coin - WISeCoin". WISeCoin is basically a Blockchain platform which allows countries to have their

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Lawsuit Filed by Blockchain Consortium R3 Turns in Favour of Ripple

Last month, blockchain startup for servicing banks and other financial institutions - R3 - had filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs claiming that the latter has violated a purchase agreement involving XRP tokens, between the two companies. In the month-long duel between the two companies, finally, Ripple has some reason to

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Sweden And NASDAQ Collaborates For Blockchain Based Mutual Fund Trading

Sweden’s SEB Bank and Nasdaq Join Hands for Blockchain Mutual Fund Trading  The Nordic financial Services Group SEB and Nasdaq Inc have come together in order to create a “developed prototype” of a mutual fund trading platform based on the blockchain technology. This collaboration and trial are currently aimed at Swedish

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Banks catching the blockchain fever globally

The cryptocurrency boom and other industries following the trend have propelled banks to adopt blockchain technology. Some of the world’s largest banks such as HSBC, Barclays, and the Swiss banking giant USB, have ventured on to develop a Blockchain technology powered paywall. US Federal Reserve has also hinted towards reinforcing

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Latest ICO : ATLANT, Blockchain For Real-Estate

ATLANT ICO Atlant, the ongoing ICO is developed as an open source, next-generation real-estate platform, to provide tokenized framework as well as P2P rental network features, which will operate and trade on Ethereum blockchain. Realizing the potential of Blockchain technology to accelerate the adoption of the Sharing Economy, the brains behind

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Get Ready For India Blockchain Week – IBW’17

Only Ten more days more to go for the biggest Blockchain event in India i.e, India Blockchain Week, IBW'17. Come 22nd September and Mumbai will open its floodgate to the India Blockchain Week 2017 for all the Blockchain aficionados spanning through five days. A three-day hackathon named as ‘Hack-the-Block’ will be

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Attention Blockchain Startups! $50 Million VC Fund Could Be Yours

ConsenSys announces a $50 Million Venture Fund for Blockchain Startups There’s a good new for blockchain startups. Ethereum startup and incubator ConsenSys has announced a $50 million venture funds for any startup working involving Blockchain technology. The fund, called ConsenSys Ventures, will be led by investment specialist Kavita Gupta, while ConsenSys founder

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Ripple Is Being Sued | Blockchain Consortium R3 Sues Ripple

Two of the Blockchain leaders – R3 and Ripple – in a legal broil Two blockchain giants R3, an operating firm behind leading US-based Blockchain consortium R3CEV, and Ripple, a development company of the fourth-largest Blockchain network in the world, are embroiled in a legal battle. R3 has filed a lawsuit that

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Australia’s Blockchain Based Energy Startup raises $17 Million In It’s Pre-ICO Sale.

Power Ledger, Australian Blockchain Energy Trading Startup, has generated $17 Million in it's Cryptocurrency ‘ICO’ Power Ledger, an Australian startup that is seeking Blockchain technology to create peer-to-peer energy trading applications has raised AU$17 million in just over 3 days of the public token presale in the energy space. The first sale,

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