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Dash Partners with Arizona State University to Launch a Blockchain Research Lab

The latest blockchain news is the partnership of Dash with Arizona State University (ASU) to establish a Blockchain Research Lab. Fulton College of Engineering at ASU will receive funds from Dash for the research lab. Blockchain research lab in the educational sphere Dash is funding the high-end blockchain research in the

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Alibaba And Chinese Government To Deploy Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

In Collaboration with Alibaba, China to Get Its First Blockchain Application to Secure Health Data Alibaba and Chinese authorities have collaborated to deploy Blockchain Technology in medical sector to secure healthcare data. This will be the China's  first Blockchain application in the medical sector. In a pioneering approach, Ali Health, Alibaba’s flagship

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Blockchain Technology To Prevent Car Clocking

Latest updates around Blockchain is always exciting. In a recent news , VeChain is gearing up to use blockchain technology to avert car clocking. VeChain, the world’s leading Blockchain-enabled product management platform, has recently made an agreement with Groupe Renault, a French multinational automobile manufacturer with global presence, to provide the latter

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Blockchain Technology Could Revolutionize Taxation

Blockchain Technology and Taxation The latest buzzword in technology is Blockchain that you haven’t heard the last of. It may be too technical for many. Many years have gone and people have now begun to truly understand Bitcoin, and now they are petrified with the Blockchain technology. Bitcoin, the world's first

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The Future of Money- A Multi Cryptocurrency World!!

Blockchain Events in India “Money is a social technology that evolves from human needs, not from government”. It is a medium of communication. We all know that money has evolved from barter to precious metals to digital money to decentralized currency (Bitcoin). Bitcoin isn’t Money and Blockchain, the technology behind it isn’t a

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Mysteries Underlying The Bitcoin Bubble As Explained By John McAfee

MGT Capital recently made the announcement regarding their entry into the field of cryptocurrency mining. Human civilization experienced massive innovations throughout its course. One such significant innovation was adopting agricultural measures. Before adopting the same, leaders of aboriginal tribes used to be on the constant move looking out for food.

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What is in your food? Know using DNA Sequencing and Blockchain Technology

Know what your food contains using DNA sequencing and Blockchain Technology Food borne disease outbreaks have devastating health and economic impacts across the world. For this reason, food safety has become a thing of global concern. With the increasing consumption of packaged food, people are more concerned about what they are eating.

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Sony And IBM Develops Blockchain Platform for Student Database Management

Sony and IBM collaborate to fortify Student Data Management using Blockchain Techology Educational platforms may soon be using Blockchain Technology to secure and share student records. Japanese electronics firm Sony and technology giant IBM have join hands to create a new educational platform backed by blockchain technology for maintaining student database. The

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Various Application of Blockchain Technology

Potential Applications Of Blockchain Technology Blockchain Technology is already making headlines across the world for its potential to revolutionize the future of industries. It already did in the financial/currency sector by introducing it's first product called, Bitcoin, world's first decentralized cryptocurrency. For those who are new to the term, Blockchain is a

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The Scope of Blockchain Technology in the Banking Sector

As banks need to make numerous transactions every day, Blockchain technology could be of enormous significance by bringing in security and genuineness in transactions. Endorsing an idea of trust economy, Blockchain can give financial institutions an opportunity to win the faith and confidence of their customers. Not to ignore are

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