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Oil-Rich Gulf Countries Embraces Blockchain Technology

Oil producing gulf countries are all set to adopt blockchain-based technology platform to power up their industry by bringing transparency and efficiency across processes. Cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology behind it, known as Blockchain, have received worldwide acceptance. More than the digital currency, its root technology is growing exponentially, even beyond the

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Luxury High Rise Apartments In Dubai To Be Sold In Exchange Of Bitcoin

Dubai High-Rise Is Up For Sale In Exchange Of Bitcoin The Arab Emirates stunned the whole world with its Blockchain integration in government functionalities a few months back. The pro-cryptocurrrency nation has kept up with the rhythm with their latest collaboration between the digital form and real estate market. The latest

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ConsenSys Academy Launches Blockchain Training Programme.

ConsenSys Academy Building Tomorrow’s Blockchain Visionaries ConsenSys, a global Blockchain specialist has recently announced the inauguration of its  ConsenSys Academy Developer Program from 1st August 2017. This end to end training programme aims to train budding enthusiasts about the intricacies of Blockchain technology which is sure to garner a lot of

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Dubai to adopt Blockchain Technology completely by 2020

Dubai Has Zeroed On Becoming A Blockchain Run Government By 2020, will provide online education to programmers and developers. Dubai is taking quick steps to become the first government to make full implementation of the Blockchain Technology by 2020 in all its actions. Blockchain is the underlying technology behind the world's first

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