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EY Collaborates With Microsoft, Maersk To Launch Blockchain Enabled Marine Insurance

EY, Microsoft and Maersk have announced their collaboration to develop Blockchain Technology based platform for marine insurance. One of the “Big Four” accounting firms, EY plans to bring Blockchain Technology to marine insurance. In this venture, EY has collaborated with Microsoft, A.P Moller-Maersk and others. Blockchain, the distributed ledger technology, will be

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Latest Blockchain Technology news in India | Latest Blockchain Technology updates in India | Aliababa and blockchain technology | Microsoft and blockchain technology | IBM and Blockchain Technology | EY and Blockchain Technology

Alibaba, EY, IBM and Microsoft Implements Blockchain Technology

IBM, Microsoft, Alibaba and EY Deploy Blockchain to Bring Transparency in Supply Chain Prominent global companies are in awe of Blockchain technology which has the potential to solve visibility issues persistent in supply chain for decades. Companies are considering Blockchain implementation to bring greater transparency in supply chain. The much hyped Blockchain

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