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Indian State Andhra Pradesh Adopts Blockchain Technology to Secure Citizen Data

Blockhain Technology in Andhra Pradesh India's seventh largest state, Andhra Pradesh, has signed a partnership with WISeKey, a cybersecurity company, in a bid to protect citizen data using Blockchain technology. In the wake of a huge pool of individuals’ data stored on databases, and the ever-growing reports of cybercrime, the state revealed

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Cryptocurrency As Alternative To National Currencies, To Be Discussed in BRICS

BRICS Hints At Cryptocurrencies As An Alternative to National Fiat Currencies Amidst thorough volatility in cryptocurrency market, BRICS member states are undertaking discussions to give cryptocurrencies the position of alternate dollar equivalent in financial settlement cases. Kirill Dmitriev, the Head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) indicated towards the creation of an exclusive

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Blockchain Events in India | Blockchain Events | India Blockchain Week September 2017 | IBW September 2017

India Blockchain Week Septemeber 2017 Mumbai

India Blockchain Week 2017- Who Should Attend? India Blockchain Week 2017, a Five-day International Blockchain event which is being organized in Mumbai from 22 September to discuss various opportunities related to Blockchain Technology. The India Blockchain Week 2017, or IBW, will take place in Two segments: First, a Three-Day "Hack-the-Block" hackathon that will

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Bitcoin price rises.

Bitcoin price may reach $2000

Instiutional Investors getting interested in Bitcoin, price may reach $2000 Bitcoin, the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency is now gaining huge popularity among institutional investors. Bitcoin prices are continuously rising and it may reach $2000 (INR 1,28,000*) *$1=INR64 Bitcoin markets is witnessing positive actions which is leading to mass recognition and adopton fom all

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why bitcoin prices are rising

Japan And Russia: The Major key factor for the recent rise in Bitcoin Prices

Japan and Russia strengthen’s Bitcoin Since the beginning of April, Bitcoin price Is continuously rising  and is approaching towards its’s all time high of $1263. In just few days, Bitcoin prices recovered from the damage that was caused by Hard Fork fear. Bitcoin enthusiasts may feel joyous after the continuous rising

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bitcoin in india

Indian Government establishes a committee to examine Virtual Currency/Bitcoin

Considering Virtual Currencies in India On April 12, 2017 Ministry of Finance had issued a written press release stating that an Inter- Disciplinary Committee has been formed which is to be chaired by Special Secretary (Economic Affairs) with an objective to  examine the existing framework with regard to Virtual Currencies. The

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assocham global summit on bitcoin and blockchain

Global Summit on Blockchain Technology – Opportunities and Challenges for Indian Economy

ASSOCHAM organizes second global summit on Blockchain Technology Last month in March 2017, ASSOCHAM organized it’s first Global summit on Bitcoin and Blockchain in Hotel Hyatt Regency, New Delhi which witnessed a huge participation of delegates from all over India. With rising popularity of Blockchain and Bitcoin, ASSOCHAM is back with

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