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Latest ICO: Walnuts ICO, Decentralizing Venture Capitalism

Become A Venture Capital by Participating in Walnuts ICO by White Lion Global Ventures Asia’s first Coin Traded (CTF) and Coin Managed Fund (CMF), White Lion Global Ventures (WLGV) Fund intends to finance startups working around Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technologies and 3D printing. In wake of this, White

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Latest ICO : ATLANT, Blockchain For Real-Estate

ATLANT ICO Atlant, the ongoing ICO is developed as an open source, next-generation real-estate platform, to provide tokenized framework as well as P2P rental network features, which will operate and trade on Ethereum blockchain. Realizing the potential of Blockchain technology to accelerate the adoption of the Sharing Economy, the brains behind

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Latest ICO: Umbrella Coin– ICO For Insurance Sector

The Umbrella coin ICO The Umbrella Coin (UMC) is a blockchain-enabled next-gen insurance platform to overcome hidden costs of traditional insurance. As the solution will be built on a decentralized, Ethereum blockchain platform, it will help to avoid the fees and management costs that create a burden on individuals and businesses.

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Latest ICO : BANKERA-Banking for the Blockchain Era

Bankera ICO Blockchain powered bank built for the blockchain era – Bankera, a digital bank – aims to exploit the blockchain technology to cut down the number of counterparties in an endeavor to reduce the cost of banking for end customers. As a traditional bank, its services could span over three blocks: Payments Includes

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Latest Initial Coin offer LAtoken | Latest ICO Latoken | Latoken ICO | LAtoken Initial Coin Offer

Latest ICO : LAToken, Now Trade Real Assets In Cryptocurrencies

Trading of  Real Assets in Cryptocurrencies enabled with LAToken – The Latest ongoing Initial Coin Offer LAToken – A Blockchain Exchange An innovative Blockchain platform, LAToken allows tokenizing and trading real assets using cryptocurrencies globally. Subsequently, bringing cryptocurrencies to the real economy. Simply put, LAToken is a Blockchain Technology based Exchange

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Latest ICO September 2017 | New ICO September 2017 | Best ICO September 2017 | Latest Initial Coin Offer September 2017 | New Initial Coin Offer September 2017

Latest ICO : KICK, An Online Blockchain Technology Based Fund Raising Platform.

KICK ICO to tackle the problems of Initial Coin Offers and Crowdfunding Market. KICK ICO is a unique blockchain based online platform, created to facilitate safe and easy fundraising for ICO, Pre-ICO Sale, Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting. Supporting more than one kind of fundraising, KICK ICO offers the kind of flexibility that

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ETHLend, The Latest ICO Buzz Announces LEND Token Pre-Sale ICO

ETHLend announces LEND token pre-sale ICO ETHLend is a decentralized peer to peer lending application built on top of the Ethereum Network, using Blockchain technology to enable secure and transparent lending. ETHLend(New Cryptocurrency 2017) is developing a global lending market where borrowers and lenders from all parts of the world can participate

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Latest ICO : Social, A New Cryptocurrency Making Way

Latest Initial Coin Offer : Social Social (SCL), the latest ICO ongoing is the native cryptocurrency coin/token for Nexus. Social coins will be used throughout the Nexus platform – to buy or sell goods/services, within integrated Nexus ad platform. Clicks and impressions will be exchanged for socials. What is Nexus? Nexus is a

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Latest Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – Monetha

Monetha, the latest addition in the ICO list is all set to have its Initial Coin offering on August 31, 2017 competing in an increasingly saturated space of bringing cryptocurrencies to the real world by providing payment processing services. Monetha ICO aims to accomplish this by their Decentralised Trust and Reputation

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Latest ICO: Agrello, AI Powered Legally Binding Smart Contracts

Latest ICO : Agrello, combing Smart Contract Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence Agrello, the ongoing ICO is developing an Artificial Intelligence powered interface, allowing you to easily create and manage smart-contract-based agreements which are legally binding, just like traditional contracts. Agrello is highly end-user oriented and enables anyone to create smart-contracts. No

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