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Ripple Is Being Sued | Blockchain Consortium R3 Sues Ripple

Two of the Blockchain leaders – R3 and Ripple – in a legal broil Two blockchain giants R3, an operating firm behind leading US-based Blockchain consortium R3CEV, and Ripple, a development company of the fourth-largest Blockchain network in the world, are embroiled in a legal battle. R3 has filed a lawsuit that

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Ripple Set’s Up New Office in Mumbai, India.

Ripple Proposes To Cater To India’s Digital Economy With A Brand New Mumbai Branch Keeping in sync with the growing customer base, Ripple has been active in setting up new branches surpassing global boundaries starting with Australia in 2015, Japan in 2016 through a joint collaboration with SBI and UK in

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Ripple, Third Most Valubale Cryptocurrency Up Almost 4000%

Ripple’s XRP Is Slowly Emerging As The Next Big Thing In Cryptocurrency Markets The XRP token of cryptocurrency giant Ripple dominated the digital currency market in the first half of 2017. Ripple is the third most valuable cryptocurrency according to market capitalization. Beginning with $0.26 at the onset of 2017, it has

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Ripple Blockchain adopted by Japan,Thailand Banks

Ripple Blockchain empowers transfer of funds from Two to Five Seconds A recent news came in where the banks in Japan and Thailand adopted Ripple Blockchain Technology to transfer funds. The international funds transfer could take place with in Two to Five seconds, thanks to the Blockchain Technology. The first blockchain transfer

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top 10 cryptocurrencies

Top 10 CryptoCurrencies

List of Top 10 Crypto Currencies does regular researches and posts latest news/updates about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. On being asked frequently by our readers, hereby posts top 10 cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization and prices.(as on 30 April 2017) Serial No.    Name of Crypto Currency Market Capitalization Price  Supply (in circulation) 1  Bitcoin $21,503,526,081 $1319.08 16,301,912 BTC 2  Ethereum $6,313,500,128 $69.24 91,178,762 ETH 3  Ripple $1,969,719,403 $0.051992 37,884,902,021 XRP 4  Litecoin $806,125,454 $15.85 50,868,957 LTC 5  Dash $691,834,958 $95.28 7,261,369 DASH 6  Ethereum

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top 5 crypto currencies

Top 5 crypto currencies that may increase your wealth

Here are top 5 crypto currencies to watch out for in near future. Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin,the world’s first decentralized peer-to-peer crypto currency invented by an unidentified programmer, or group of programmers, under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. It is the most popular crypto currency and is gaining huge popularity worldwide Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum is an

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