$5 Million Household bills paid thorugh Australian Bitcoin Payment gateway

Living Room of Satoshi (LRS) , a Bitcoin payment gateway recently tweeted that they reached a volume of $5 million volume.

LRS, is an Australian based Startup which was established in May 2014. The startup provides a payment gateway facility to pay common household bills via Bitcoins.

CEO Daniel Alexic told Business Insider, “As the first truly international, decentralized and peer to peer currency, Bitcoin is perfectly suited to bill payments in Australia.”

“It also enables new possibilities, like parents in foreign countries being able to easily support their children studying in Australia by paying some of their bills”, he also mentioned.

Bitcoin adoption continuously growing

Bitcoin has now started to being considered what it was originally introduced as i.e, a Currency. With rising popularity, growing demand, Bitcoin price is continuously increasing. This attracted various investors and traders as they saw a huge money making opportunity.

But now it is being considered as a currency and people are now starting to use it in place of Fiat Money.

Japan, after recognizing Bitcoin as a legal tender of money, witnessed huge mass adoption. Two of the major retailers in Japan will start to accept Bitcoins in the form of payment.

Growing demand of Bitcoins in Japan made Eighteen companies to file for opening Bitcoin exchanges in Japan, out of which ten are debuting Bitcoin market.(read full details)

On being frequently asked by our readers, KryptoMoney.com recently published an article Where to Spend Bitcoins?

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