First thing ever purchased from Bitcoin was a PIZZAA!!!!

If calculated at today’s bitcoin prices, two pizza costed more than $5 million . Yes, $5million. Interesting , sn’t it.

So here is what happened. Sometime in May 2010, when bitcoin was just a newborn baby in currency world, a person posted on a bitcoin forum: Bitcoin Talk, that he would like to pay 10K bitcoin for 2 pizzas. Bitcoin at that time was a new concept and didn’t had any value. It was worth of some pennies. After 4-5 days, that person received  a response to his post that his offer has been accepted by someone, and in turn, he got 2 pizzas for 10k.

This was the first ever transaction in bitcoin that took place.

After some time in 2013, various speculators had their bet on bitcoins and the prices of bitcoin surged upto $1200 mark. Prices droped later and were stable around 300-500$.

Well, if calculated at today’s point of time, those pizzas were more than $5 million. Surely that person would have given up on pizza by now!!

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