Russia to recognize Bitcoin in 2018.

While doing some extensive regular researches, recently learned that Russia is all set to recognize Bitcoins in 2018 with a condition of complete monitoring of bitcoin transactions.

Uptill now in Russia,Bitcoin users and Bitcoin entities were threatened for takedown and imprisonment. But these bold statements of recognizing bitcoin in 2018 by Russia is a real shocker.

This move will surely stop and hinder the process of illegal money laundering activities. Maintaining and recording of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies transaction will be a new scope of area for Russian Bank’s in order to tackle money laundering practices.

Russia seems to be active in crypto currency world. Not only bitcoins and cryptocurrencies but also Blockchain. In a recent article by , it was mentioned that Russian Banks were looking for  to adopt blockchain technology in order to improve and secure it’s operation (click here to read full article)

Also, Russia is set to host International Bitcoin and Blockchain conference at multiple cities in 2017. Click here to see the forthcoming event in Russia related to Bitcoin and Blockchain.

To conclude , Bitcoin may not be recognized by many countries as of now, but as it is gaining huge popularity day by day worldwide, various governments of different countries are looking for recognition of Bitcoin.

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