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Bitcoin rose to fame quite quickly and has still been creating much buzz up until now. In fact, several retailers and establishments have already started accepting cryptocurrency as payment. With times evolving very rapidly, it might be the time that you also start considering using bitcoin as payment.

Here are some alternative ways you can use bitcoin as payment:

  1. Trading Bitcoin

An alternative way to use bitcoin as payment and grow profits is by trading it. A lot of online platforms, including, allow users to buy bitcoin and sell it at higher prices to make a profit.

Bitcoin Code is a trading software that’s powered by an algorithm to buy bitcoin at low prices and sell them when the price is higher. With this software, you can make passive income without even needing to study how bitcoin works.

  1. Coinbase

Coinbase is an online bitcoin platform that facilitates Bitcoin exchanges – one of the largest, in fact. Aside from allowing users to buy and sell Bitcoin using their bank accounts or credit cards, Coinbase offers a merchant service, as well.

With this, a merchant can sign up either as a business or individual on the platform. Using Coinbase, you can pay retailers with your account using bitcoin.

  1. Overstock

Overstock is one of the online retailers who accept bitcoin as payment. This online platform lets customers use bitcoin to pay for everything from television sets to pillows and laptops. It also accepts other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin.

You simply need to select your preferred currency at check out, and the system will convert that currency into cryptocurrency to make the purchase.

  1. Buy Gift Cards

Although cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, is not accepted in all kinds of online stores and retailers, you can still use bitcoin to buy gift cards for stores that don’t directly accept them. For example, eGifter is a leading gift card site that lets users purchase gift cards using bitcoin. Retailers included in eGifter are Sephora, Amazon, Home Depot, JCPenny, and such.

  1. Shopify Stores

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows different kinds of retailers to set up an online store and sell products we normally see on eBay or Etsy.

Right now, Shopify has made it possible for merchants to start accepting bitcoin payments via BitPay. So, if you need to buy anything from clothes to home furniture, you can head on to Shopify to look for a merchant and use bitcoin to finalize your purchases.

  1. Pay For Your Television and Internet Services

Now, you can pay for your internet and television services using bitcoin. For example, Dish is already accepting bitcoin payment since 2014. It’s one of the biggest companies and first subscription-based television service providers to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

  1. Pay For Moving Fees

Moving companies have also started accepting bitcoin as payment. For instance, the Roadway Moving Company has also started accepting Bitcoin payments.

Now, you can use your bitcoin to pay for the trucks that move your furniture into your new home.

  1. Fund Your Microsoft Account

You can actually use bitcoin to fund your Microsoft account. With your Microsoft account, you can use your funds there to buy movies, apps, or games.

However, the downside is that you can’t use it to buy items from Microsoft’s online store. Nevertheless, if you’re a gamer, this feature will be pretty useful and advantageous for you.

  1. Buy Jewelry

There are several jewelers that already accept bitcoin as payment. If you have bitcoin and love jewelry as well, you can now put those bitcoins to good use. These transactions can be done online or in a brick-and-mortar store.

  1. Purchase Airline Tickets

Are you looking to get away or to have a vacation? Now, you can buy your flight tickets using bitcoin. There are already airlines that accept cryptocurrency as official payments. You can already choose bitcoin as a payment option for both international and domestic flights.

  1. Pay For Tuition Fee

Schooling and paying for school tuition fees can be a bit heavy on the pocket. If you have bitcoin with you, you can already use bitcoin to pay for tuition fees.

There are several universities and schools that already accept bitcoin as an official payment to school. You just need to look for the schools that already accept cryptocurrency as payment. Some schools also allow installment payments using bitcoin.

  1. Support Charities

Bitcoin isn’t just for your personal use. You can also use bitcoin to give back to the community. Bitcoin gives you a great opportunity to do some good in the community by donating to charity.

Some of the most popular organizations, such as Greenpeace and Red Cross, already accept donations that are paid using bitcoin. Some charities even help in deducting the donation from your annual tax even if payment was made through bitcoin.

One of the advantages of using bitcoin as payment is you can immediately transfer it to the charity faster compared to bank transfers. With bitcoin, you can also make donations directly to the people in need. Rather than going through a third-party charity, you can instantly send donations to a particular fund.

  1. Investing In Precious Metals

A lot of people say that gold is a standard used to protect your wealth. They say that the value of gold only appreciates.

In that way, bitcoin can be a good investment tool since various online platforms already allow bitcoin to be traded against precious metals, such as gold. In addition to that, you can also use bitcoin to purchase gold and other precious metals.


Since transactions through cryptocurrency are much faster than international bank transfers, Bitcoin is a well-suited currency to transact internationally. In addition to that, it’s so easy to accept and pay Bitcoin that any business can start accepting Bitcoin as payment. With that, you should also start stocking up on Bitcoin and use it as payment as well.

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