Online records have revealed that Amazon, the E-commerce giant has registered three web domains related to cryptocurrency. These domains named as “,” “” and “” were revealed by Whois Lookup.

Registered on 31st October, these domains have been linked to, Inc. subsidiary Amazon Technologies, Inc., which had been looking after the patent filing section of the e-commerce bigshot. The registration document enlists certain phone numbers which belong to Amazon’s legal cell although no official could be reached at when press time tried to establish telephonic connectivity. News site DomainNameWire was the first to report about such registrations. However not much is known about the main motive of registering such domain names.

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DomainNameWire is of the opinion that Amazon has taken this move to establish further security for its brand. Its web domain “” was secured way back in 2013 and redirects to Amazon’s home page. On the other hand, this move by the online magnet could also signify its willingness to avoid confusions cropping up in between Amazon Coin and cryptocurrencies. Amazon Coin introduced during 2013 is a virtual coin which helps customers in completing online payments. Amazon officials did not respond immediately to questions asked regarding their take on the same.

Recently, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon became the World’s Richest Man with more than $90 Billion in his name. publishes latest news and about Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology, CryptoCurrencies and upcoming ICO’s.

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