AMOS -A Smarter and Rewarding Approach Lever to Stay Fit

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AMOS is a sports solution platform that aims to leverage blockchain technology for the overall improvement of the existing sports ecosystem. According to a recent study by the University of Cambridge, more than 6,76,000 people die each year because of the lack of exercise. AMOS envisions to encourage people to start exercising, thereby reducing mortality rates due to physical inactivity. 

The business model of AMOS essentially comprises of a Smart Sports Watch and Smart Gym. Through a combination of online and offline marketing, AMOS intends to impact the sporting ecosystem in various ways. Moreover, depending on the use of data, users will be rewarded with incentives to further encourage them to take part in physical activities. 

Smart Watch

AMOS has partnered with Strength Master Group to launch a unique smartwatch. This device will gather sports and physical exercise data from users and use this information in many ways. Some of the key features of this device are:

  • Users can access their sports activity information directly from the cloud for getting analysis and useful insights. 
  • Socialize with other users on the platform and form a virtual community to obtain:
  • Reward points by exercising
  • Bonus points by conducting specific tasks as part of a team
  • Points by completing specific quests daily

AMOS’ device calculates the calories burned from users daily activity. It offers tokens to the users for their efforts and keeps them motivated to stay healthy. The Smart Sport Watch also records information with respect to users health and fitness level, which can be accessed via AMOS App. This data is beneficial for users to evaluate their past and present health conditions.

Smart Gym

Smart Gym is another important component of AMOS. The company will establish several gyms all over the world to take its online initiative to the offline space as well. AMOS has joined force with the Strength Master Group in this endeavor. This Smart Gym learns and records workout habits of users via Artificial Intelligence. Based on these data, Amos suggests the right physical exercises to users to obtain the desired results. 

The AMOS Smart Gym network comprises five segments that include:

  • Reservation- Within this, users can access reservation system for equipment, get notifications, and see live visitor counts.
  • Data Gathering- It entails user verification, data related to equipment maintenance, and data of new users. 
  • Autonomous Management- It offers services including pay on mobile, door lock through the app and self-management of workout plans. 
  • Smart Environment- It offers temperature sensor, oxygen level sensor, and customized equipment for the best gym experience.
  • Data AnalysisThrough this, the system can analyze data collection and offers customized workout plan for customer with the correct training forms

AMOS Token Sale 

Overall, AMOS has issued 5 Billion tokens out of which 2 Billion tokens are distributed for the crowdsale. The token sale started on October 31st, 2018 and will continue till February 28th, 2019. The tokens are distributed in the following manner:

  • Pre-Sale – 7%
  • Public Sale – 30%
  • Incentive tokens – 30%
  • Founding Team – 11%
  • Marketing Development – 11%
  • Technology Platform – 11%

AMOS – Transforming Sport

AMOS is a blockchain based e-commerce project that reinvents the sports eco-system and makes it smarter and more digitized. It also leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect vital data related to users’ physical activities and offer them valuable insights to further improve their overall wellbeing.

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