Blockchain – based Food tracing and verifying solutions are one of the most trending topics in Blockchain area.

Recently a news came in where, one of the largest live pig suppliers to Singapore, KMP Private Ltd has collaboarated with DISA Digital Safety Pte Ltd (DiSa) to leverage on Blockchain technology. The system would be used to digitally track and trace the pork from its Indonesian piggery to the Singaporean consumer.

DISA Digital Safety Pte Ltd (DiSa) is a wholly owned subsidiary of DISA Limted.

A proof-of-concept agreement has been signed by both firms to define the partnership, roles and responsibilities for testing and evaluation of DiSa’s blockchain-based food trace solution.

Eddie Chng, chief executive officer of DISA Limited, said:

“Blockchains are secure by design. It brings complete traceability, transparency and authenticity to the food supply chain which helps to boost consumer confidence.”

Tan Hang Huat, managing director of KMP Private Ltd, said:

“It is important to ensure food safety and what better way to do it other than giving the stakeholders the visibility of our entire supply chain with time-stamps using blockchain software application developed by DiSa,”

How will this Blockchain solution work?

As per the system designed, all pigs will be tagged with a RFID chip at Birth. Through this chip various information can be accessed by concerned officials, such as:

  • Farm and pedigree pigs’ details,
  • Batch numbers ,
  • Date of slaughter, and many other required info.

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