One Coin Scam in Kazakhstan

It looks like One Coin is seriously facing hard times. Scams after scams are coming out which is making people to really believe that One Coin is a Ponzi Scheme.

It is now in Kazakhstan where the One Coin Controversy happened. One Coin representatives and affiliates in are facing fraud charges as they illegally collected 2.2 billion Tenge (approximately $7million) from people by luring them to invest in the One Coin Crypto Currency to get higher returns.

A local news source reported that the investors who innocently invested in the One Coin Crypto Currency are moving to courts against the representatives and affiliates of One Coin.

One Coin representatives in Kazakhstan set up a huge network of agents who were active in all the regions of the country and were doing marketing activities to attract investors.

Recently, in India, a group of affiliates of One Coin were arrested from a seminar that was being conducted to explain investors about One Coin. The police was dressed in civil dress and attended the whole seminar. The police observed each and everything in the seminar and after the seminar was over, Police arrested the organizers on the charges of fraud. Read full story.

Also, previously from the Indian One Coin controversy, German authorities also banned a One Coin partners whose job was to collect money from investor and remit it to the company outside Germany. (click here to read full details)

One Coin controversies are coming up on a regular basis from around the world. Investors should always do a market research before investing no matter how small the investment amount is.

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