Launched The Upgraded Version Of EOS Wallet

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Cryptocurrency News, Press Release

EOS Wallet | My EOS Wallet

MY EOS Wallet. Your tokens are always on the safe side. launched the upgraded version of EOS-wallet strengthened with useful options.

The interface is intuitive, well done and well designed. Every option is supported by the tips on the background, which turns out to be helpful for fresh ones on EOS board.

Inside the wallet, a user could not only keep or transfer tokens safely but go an extra mile and use every EOS opportunity:

  • vote or vote through a proxy
  • create an account
  • reg or unreg Producer,
  • make permissions for accounts
  • airgrab tokens
  • sell and buy ram
  • stake and unstake

Enjoy and get the most of EOS services you could following the link

It seems developed efficient service where users extra steps are skipped with efficient running. Also, special community features implemented to the wallet makes service easy and comfortable as the full scope of EOS cycle is available through it.

Start using myeoswallet as it safe, easy and secured at all levels.


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Raghav Sawhney

Raghav is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. Since 2014, Raghav is into blockchain and loves to explore the new and upcoming blockchain technology products. 

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