Where to Spend Bitcoin?

Austrian and German energy provider Switch has started accepting Bitcoin for gas and electricity bill payments.

It was announced by the company on it’s Facebook page.

Switch, which is wholly owned by EnergieAllianz Austria, says the company is the first one to accept Bitcoin in Austria in energy sector.

“With the introduction of cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a payment method in Austria we’re aiming to cater principally to digitally-aware customers and other interested parties,”  says, Christoph Schmidt, CEO

Not only in energy sector, but popularity of Austria is increasing day by day.

In February a dedicated Bitcoin information point was opened in Vienaa, Asutria’s capital. The information point provides education on the cryptocurrencies as well as Bitcoin ATMs.

Yipbee, wholesale goods retailer announced last month that orders paid in Bitcoins now accounted for 10 percent of its total sales.

Bitcoin acceptance is increasing day by day. There was a time when only limited number of organisations were accepting Bitcoins. But now the number is increasing.

Every other day, a new organization announces that it has started to accept Bitcoins as a form of payments.

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