Avail 50-93% Discounts For Californian Airline Surf Air Flights on Payment By Litecoin And Bitcoin

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Surf Air, California-based Airline jumps on the cryptocurrency wagon in style as they announced 50-93% discounts for Express membership payments made in cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Dubbed as their ‘Indiegogo campaign’, the airline stated in a post on Tuesday, that they want to bridge the future of travel with the future of money.

The company stated:

“We’re proud to offer Litecoin as a payment method for Surf Air Express. Apply now and purchase your Surf Air Express Membership or flight packages.”

Surf Air operates across different cities in California and Texas, including San Francisco/Bay Area, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Napa, Dallas, San Diego, Truckee, Monterey,  Austin, Houston and Midland.

The Express membership plans

Surf Air offers four membership plans that would accept cryptocurrency payments.

Given that Litecoin had to face ‘scam’ claims, it has still managed to charm major companies and businesses to accept LTC as a payment method. This can be attributed to the efforts by the litecoin’s co-founder, Charlie Lee, that the token is now accepted in various places in the U.S. including restaurants, online vendors and now flight companies. Charlie Lee said in a recent interview with AMB Crypto:

“I see Litecoin complimenting Bitcoin in being good sound money. One being digital gold and another being digital silver. So Litecoin is cheaper to spend and faster than Bitcoin. And with Bitcoin, there’s nobody to dictate, while with Litecoin I am present, which is good and bad.”

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