Best Ethereum Classic Wallets | Where To Store ETC Coins

by | May 8, 2018 | Cryptocurrency

ETC wallet | Ethereum classic wallet | where to store etc

Ethereum Classic Wallets – Where To Store ETC coins

The decentralized platform of Ethereum Classic runs applications and smart contracts in the manner exactly as programmed with no chances of censorship, downtime or third party interference. Resulting out of the hard fork of Ethereum network, Ethereum Classic had received the backing of minority users who were against the idea of hard fork. The blockchain of Ethereum Classic is similar to that of Ethereum up till block 192000 where the hard fork was applied. In spite of creating major debates at the very onset, this dynamic crypto which has managed to survive the test of time by securing its place in the list of top 20 cryptos is simultaneously making the requirement felt for having a sound wallet to store the same. Although the number of ETC-compatible wallets is not as extensive as the ones supporting Ethereum, there exists several storage options which are worth your consideration. In this article, i have listed down best ethereum classic wallets to safely store ETC coins

List of Best Ethereum Classic Wallets

Ledger Nano S

Tailor made for users who wish to benefit from wholesome security features, the Ledger Nano S allows us to manage our Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holdings apart from the obvious ETC. Users can connect this portable device to their computer by using an USB chord after finishing an easy to follow set-up process. Although it might be pretty difficult to get your hands on The Ledger Nano S given its tremendous demand, this hardware wallet guarantees maximum security to all its users.

Its features include:

  • Backup seed keys
  • Physical buttons and OLED screen for manual transaction confirmation
  • Offline storage of private keys secured with a PIN
  • Hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet
  • Usable in infected computers
  • Passphrase feature
  • Multi-coin support to more than 22 currencies

Developed and maintained by a French start-up, this secure wallet was one of the very first ones to showcase its support towards the Ethereum Classic fork.


The very first hardware wallet operating in the crypto space has curved out its niche paired with its support towards multiple cryptos and a bagful of features to keep users satiated. Some of its most popular attributes are:

  • Offline private keys
  • OLED Screen
  • HD Wallet
  • PIN code and Backup seed keys feature
  • Passphrase feature
  • Multi-coin support of over 7 cryptos
  • Usable in infected computers

Fitting to the palm of your hand in a way similar to the Nano S, this hardware wallet comes with a built-in screen and physical buttons to aid users in confirming the transactions manually. However, users need to exercise extreme caution while filling in the PIN as incorrect entries might lock them up for a considerably large span of time. This easy-to set up wallet allows users to engage in ETC transactions in a hassle-free manner. Trezor available in the hues of grey, black and white can be used with applications like Mycelium, TREZOR wallet and Multibit HD in Android devices and Linux, OS X and Windows platform.


This reliable UK based wallet has garnered a lot of respect with its unbridled support towards forked coins. This popular HD wallet brings along features such as seed keys which help in the restoration of funds whenever required. Its in-built coin exchange integration feature working in sync with ShapeShift and Changelly also stands out as another striking new feature. Presently, Coinomi is available only over Android platform. However, an iOS version is expected to be out soon. This easy to use wallet supporting more than 130 cryptos such as Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin etc. allows users to engage in seamless ETC transactions.


Incubated and maintained by Decentral, a Canada-based start-up since 2014, the multi-currency wallet of Jaxx supports an array of cryptos including Ethereum Classic. Its constant innovation and maintenance is ensured by the continuous efforts of the development community. This non-hosted HD wallet allows users to maintain control over their private keys. Thus, it also becomes the sole responsibility of the users to take care of their 12-word seed phase. However, this hot wallet solution to Ethereum Classic should not be considered for long-term funds storage given its issues with mnemonic seed recovery. This wallet is compatible with:

  • Chrome browser extension
  • OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Android and iOS devices

Jaxx does not lend any support to two-factor authentication but its dynamic integration with ShapeShift and Smart Contract comes as a convenient addition.

ClassicEtherWallet [aka CEW Web Wallet]

Users can either run the open source client on their computer for benefitting from extra security characteristics or seek help of web browser for accessing their Classic Ether wallet. It also brings along support for future ICO tokens which are hosted on the Ethereum Classic blockchain with the assumption that the same shall benefit in days to come. There is also a dedicated Chrome plugin providing similar functionality as that of the desktop and browser option but running inside the Chrome browser round the clock. This classified web wallet allows users to control their Ethereum Classic private keys on the computer and does not store the private data of users in its servers. This open-source wallet helps users to engage in smart contracts and access funds in ClassicEther’s browser environment by establishing connectivity with the Ledger Nano S and Trezor wallets.

The minority blockchain of Ethereum Classic has been functioning for only two years since the date of its launch. But for benefitting the most out it, users need to cover the following features while searching for an Ethereum Classic wallet amongst the ones available in the market:

  • Managing the tokens and coins can become extremely confusing. Thus, it is imperative to proceed with a wallet which is simple, straightforward and has an intuitive user interface.
  • ETC wallets should allow you to retain control over the private keys apart from additional features such as two-factor authentication, multi-sig functionality and secure PIN imparting extra protection.
  • Wallets belonging to reputable providers are backed by a strong development team which keeps on adding extra features for increasing the level of security and providing support to additional coins.
  • A wallet whose backup can be created in an easy manner helps users in accessing funds even in worst-case scenarios.
  • Seeking help from customer support also serves as an important condition especially if you face issues in proceeding with a particular transaction using your hardware wallet. publishes latest news and updates about Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies and upcoming ICO’s.

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