Best NiceHash Alternatives For Cryptocurrency Mining

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Cryptocurrency, Mining

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Three Best NiceHash Alternatives Ranked On The Basis Of Their User-Friendliness

BEST NICEHASH ALTERNATIVES- Users can confer their computing power over to the miners via the NiceHash exchange for creating brand new coins. However, in the aftermath of its hacking, a large section of investors shifted base from this platform in search of better niceshash altnernatives. Although no official confirmation has yet been made by NiceHash about the quantum of Bitcoin stolen, Reuters has reported a theft amounting to 4700 Bitcoins or $60 million in fiat figures. This has currently pulled the brakes on NiceHash’s mining operations since thorough investigations are being conducted to unearth the actual story.

NiceHash had come out with a public announcement stating that:

“Although we initially stopped the service for 24 hours, it turned out we require more time. Good news is that we are in the final stages of a rebuilding NiceHash into the most robust and secure marketplace for hashing power. Your bitcoins were stolen and we are working with international law enforcement agencies to identify the attackers and recover the stolen funds. We understand it may take some time and we are working on a solution for all users that were affected.”

Given such a scenario, we have come up with the three best NiceHash alternatives which has already managed to create a strong user base with their profound mix of features and user friendliness. Also, here is a list of Top Five Best Bitcoin Mining Pools in case you are also considering pooled Bitcoin Mining.

List Of Best Nicehash Alternatives


Miner Gate is a cloud mining program enhances the affordability and profitability of crypto mining by levying just a minimal fee. Its hash power requirement for cloud mining is catered to by Scotland based Hashing24. You need to pay a one-time free of 0.0034 BTC and daily maintenance fee of 0.0066 USD for purchasing 20GH/s meant for cloud mining. 0.017 BTC and 0.085 BTC is charged for 100GH/s and 500GH/s respectively. The openly downloadable user interface aids people in mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and a range of other altcoins by breaking down the usual complexities which get tagged along in normal mining process.

The Benchmarking tab of the MinerGate program can analyse the user’s hardware to depict its earning potential. While using MinerGate, users don’t need to store their crypto’s in the platform which comes as a big-time advantage over NiceHash. Once the minimum payout threshold is reached, the mined cryptos are transferred to the wallets of users thus diminishing the fear of losing chunks of bitcoin if the mining company goes bankrupt. Available over Mac, Windows, Fedora and Ubuntu platform, the MinerGate program offers the users a chance of earning a referral program bonus of up to 75%.


Users can program their computer hardware to cash in some extra income braced with the WinMiner application especially when the same is sitting idle. The minimum system requirement of Windows 7, an Intel i3 CPU and a graphics card having 2GB memory has to be met for the WinMiner program to unleash its full potential as indicated in its official website.

Users can choose between Amazon, PayPal, iTunes gift cards as well as standard crypto wallet address as the payment method. Bank transfer is possible only on the occasion of having high balance and users have to bear the transfer fees for the same. Considered by many as one of the easiest Bitcoin mining methods, users just need to turn on the program which can sustain and conduct itself thereafter. Thus, users don’t have to ponder over anything apart from how to spend their splurging kitty. Gaming laptops can earn up to 200 dollars on a monthly basis by simply having this application loaded and initiated regularly.

Kryptex Miner

Kryptex Miner is built especially for the Windows users, Kryptex Miner eases the crypto mining process although it does not allow the users to determine the crypto type they shall be mining. Once the application is downloaded into the computer, it’s hardware prowess gets analysed to come up with a daily and monthly earning fiat value. The earnings of users are transferred to their Bitcoin wallet address and can also be paid alternatively through the free online bank card termed as Qiwi Visa wallet which functions in a way similar to that of Visa card. Users are advised to have a look at their country’s withdrawal options before deciding on which one shall suit them best. The earning potential has been rated as up to $25 using a normal pc, $50 using a medium scale one and $150 coupled with a hard-core pc.

Well mining cryptocurrency has it’s own pros and cons over buying them. Those who are into bitcoins and cryptocurrencies since it’s inception or early stages understands the technicalities as well economic returns of mining cryptocurrencies, where as the newbies still thinks buying cryptocurrencies is better than Mining them. It all depends upon the mindset of person to person. To ease out the confusion and make things clear, I suggest you to read this article:- Bitcoin Mining Vs Buying Bitcoins, Which Is More Profitable? publishes latest news and updates about Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology ,Cryptocurrencies and upcoming ICO’s.

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