Afghan Lady Instils Bitcoin Efficiency Into Women Empowerment

Roya Mahboob, an Afghan entrepreneur has declared her intention of organising a Bitcoin conference in Afghanistan to bring forward projects developed in the same sector by female Afghan entrepreneurs for public acceptance.  She is the Co-founder and CEO of Digital Citizen Fund and have worked endlessly for heralding financial empowerment of Afghan women. Her non-profit organisation has enrolled approximately 9000 Afghan females in various educational programs and have helped another 100 to start their own business line. The Bitcoin conference wishes to portray the same in a global platform.

Other than being a vehicle for fostering financial autonomy, Blockchain technology is believed to have deep rooted effects on the Afghan economy in days to come. Smart contracts developed on Blockchain architecture comes as an excellent alternative to contracts being destroyed or denied. This will safeguard women from such underhanded business practices which arises when the victim does not receive financial assistance from established authorities.

According to a report published by International Business Times, Mahboob also wishes to develop a marketplace for women based on Blockchain Technology for making use of loans and insurance smart contracts.

This visionary founded an IT services firm predominantly hiring women employees and engineers when she was just 23 years old. Initially her company tasted major success with big contracts in its kitty secured from Afghan and U.S. government agencies. But with time her firm Afghan Citadel Company (ACSC) suffered from death threats, vandalism and delayed payment release from home government bodies. This forced Mahboob to launch Women’s Annex in collaboration with an American investor with an aim of empowering Afghan women to generate income through blog writing and advertising. The second hurdle in their path came with the realization that most of the Afghan women employed under Women’s Annex did not own any bank account. This made her shift focus to Bitcoin which could be used as a payment vehicle transcending the shackles of patriarchal financial setups in Afghanistan.

Not only has this move increased the acceptability of Bitcoin in Afghan territory but has also gifted women with the much needed financial independence they always wished to have. Mahboob shared the story of one such employee who was a victim of domestic violence. She used the Bitcoins earned to hire a lawyer and proceed with her divorce. publishes latest news and updates about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology. Subscribe to our newsletters and connect with us socially on TelegramFacebookTwitter and Instagram

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