Bitcoin Cash Network Experiences Troubles During A Scheduled Hard Fork Upgrade

by | May 16, 2019 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin Cash | Hard Fork | Troubles | Blockchain | Cryptocurrency

Amidst a planned hard fork update, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network experienced difficulties processing transactions, as reported by cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX on May 15.

After the expected fork at block 582,680, the BCH network purportedly started to experience issues with transactions. BitMEX stated that the number of transactions per block was low, 0 in the last 9 blocks starting at block 582,687.

As per CoinDance‘s data, the greatest number of blocks mined after the upgrade was only processing transactions on Coinbase. Meanwhile, BitMEX revealed that their mempool had 1,622 transactions. After the community started to observe and report about the empty blocks, developers released a patch to fix the bug.

Earlier this month, reports surfaced that suggested that a single address was responsible for more than half of the bitcoin cash transactions in the previous month. The mystery account had made more than 587,000 transactions since it became operational on April 8 of this year.

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