Mining Pool Directs All Hash to Bitcoin Cash ABC

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News | Bitcoin Cash ABC | Bitcoin Cash SV | Bitcoin Cash | BCH | Hard Fork

Bitcoin Cash News: The clash between Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV supporters has been the talk of the cryptocurrency ecosystem for days as each side has pulled strings to ensure their successes. Supporting ABC version of the hard fork, Roger Ver’s encourages the miners to mine ABC, otherwise, they will have to move to a different mining pool. mining enables miners to connect their own mining hardware or to purchase hashrate from the company in a way renting miners. The “Cloud mining,” have had a bad reputation in the Bitcoin world, but till now no one accused of foul play. However, according to an announcement posted on the dashboard of the mining interface, the platform is unfairly inclined towards one of the hard fork in the ongoing contentious hard fork.

The pool boasts a regular hashrate of more than 400 petahashes for Bitcoin Core and since its inception has mined a total of more than 1700 blocks. The success rate has been marginally in Bitcoin Cash with more than 6000 blocks mined. The platform’s normal BCH hashrate ranges quite a bit less than Bitcoin Core, which suggests that it will have a significant boost from diverting all its hashpower toward BCHABC.

Bitcoin Cash ABC blockchain will play a big role in securing the new Bitcoin Cash ABC blockchain. Bitcoin Core’s hashrate was less than 1 PH/s until September of 2013. As long as Bitcoin Cash ABC has the same hashing algorithm as Bitcoin Cash SV and SV has more dedicated hashpower, there are potential security risks in that a rogue SV pool could choose to mine empty blocks on ABC or even conduct what are known as “51% attacks.” 

Interested parties have been eyeing the developments to gauge the direction of the big mining game, how Bitcoin Cash SV will fare given a lack of economic and user support. At the time of writing Bitcoin Cash ABC still had a massive lead in terms of node count or a number of users on their software.

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