Brace Yourself For The Big Bitcoin Fork With Some Last Minute Pointers

With the clock slowly ticking its way towards the proposed Bitcoin fork at 12:20 UTC on 1st August (around 6 pm, India) Bitcoin network could very well diverge into creation of two cryptocurrencies Bitcoins and BitcoinCash – a brand new form of cryptocurrency provided miners globally vouch for the same.

The alternative protocol BitcoinABC will pump the transaction capacity and scalability of this cryptocurrency form. Nonetheless confusion is cropping regarding mining power of the new Blockchain and whether the fork will stand the test of time or will fade out due to lack of adequate support.

We have assembled some of the key pointers to make your understanding of BitcoinCash an easy one.

Fork Matters

Hard fork will pave the way for permanent Blockchain divergence and upgradation of some nodes to a new software client – Bitcoin ABC or Bitcoin Cash which can become one of the biggest contenders of cryptocurrency market in days to come. The decentralized structure of Bitcoin shall give individual users to decide upon which software to run.

On building of the first block with new rules, additional miners shall follow suit in moving their computing power to the new chain and proceeding with building activities on the initial block’s architecture. If this process continues with substantial miners’ joining the movement then the ‘split’ shall become a reality.

Although the original Bitcoin network having majority hash power will grow more rapidly in comparison to the new, the final outcome will be twin Blockchains which irrespective of the mining power diverted will continue to co-exist.

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Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCC, now BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) will be the resultant of the existing Bitcoin blockchain split. Users holding BTC coins before the split will end up holding coins of both the old and new chain once the split occurs. The fork won’t breach any security barrier but users are advised to gain control over private keys and verify their exchange policy before the split. Keys are the codes used for controlling funds in the Bitcoin blockchain. Users are also advised not to entangle in Bitcoin transactions during the fork and should wait for at least three days as the network might be susceptible to vulnerabilities opening the floodgate for hacking.

Bitcoin cash futures trading value have skyrocketed to $275 on ViaBTC’s exchange which can be easily accessed by users once they secure control over their private keys before the fork. Online exchanges will have supreme control over bitcoins left with them. Mobile wallet software’s like Mycelium or Airbitz, secure USB device and hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor can be used to control ones keys. However wallets like GreenAddress and Electrum have already opted out from the bitcoin cash support.

Keeping in Loop will give live updates on the Bitcoin D-day by notifying users whenever it detects a fork. It’s website developers shall be running the nodes of both Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin ABC to gauge the comparative performance of the two. However we will advise you not to rely on completely as it is an independent website and rather go for holistic information coming from social media and other reliable sources.

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