La Maison du Bitcoin is the first Euro-Bitcoin-Ethereum exchange office established in France that allows you to buy or sell bitcoins and ethers easily, in a few minutes.
Bitit cards are on sale at Maison du Bitcoin, Paris, France!  Two denominations are available: the 25 € card (sold 30 €) and the 50 € card (sold 55 €).
The physical gift card works on the same principle as the digital gift card. The card keeps its value in euros and the conversion to bitcoins is done at the time of its use. This ensures that you are not exposed to price volatility as long as you keep the card.
The prepaid Bitit gift card is denominated in euros. The funds of the card can be converted into Bitcoins on the Bitit platform at any time, via the code on the back of the card. So you decide to convert your Euros to Bitcoins at any time.
The purchase of a Bitit physical gift card does not require identity verification at La Maison du Bitcoin. This is then carried out online by Bitit under their responsibility.

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