Bitcoin Powered School Dropout Millionaire Collaborating With NASA

A twelve year child decided to do something different with his gift money from his grandmother worth $1000 which was intended for his scholarship fund. Thus the child chose to invest the same in Bitcoin. Back in 2011 the cryptocurrency was worth only $12. Three years down the line the same kid now 15 years of age made a square deal with his parents – to drop out of school and invest his Bitcoin holding worth $100000 for funding his dream venture named Botangle. And if luck and hard work favoured him,and if his business can make him a millionaire by the time he reaches 18,  then his parents cannot force him to join college for further education. That was the deal made between him and his parents.

To his utter surprise his parents agreed to the deal which made him shift base to Silicon Valley and take up new projects which brought him face to face with Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit and an Uber board member. He sold off his venture in 2015 in exchange of 300 Bitcoins thus shooting up his total Bitcoin holding to 403 coins.

This June, the price of Bitcoin crossed $2700  thus pumping up the value of his holdings to cross $1 million. Meet Erik Finman the school dropout and most importantly the self-made millionaire. The splitting of Bitcoin in August further skyrocketed the price of Bitcoin to cross $4000 thus imparting a value of $1.7 million to Finman’s holdings. Thus he manged to keep up with his promise and is never going back to high school.

Next in line for this dynamic young adult is Project Da Vinci which is a space experiment controlled by NASA whereby a satellite will orbit the earth serving as a time capsule. Finman has teamed up with fellow students from his home state of Idaho to bring this project into action. Various celebrities have contributed to this project in the form of music cd’s and videos to be stored in the on-board memory of this time capsule. Popular singer Taylor Swift has donated a signed copy of her hit album 1989 and YouTube star Logan Paul has contributed a video for the same. General public can also send in applications in form of video which will be scrutinized by Finman and his team before storing in the time capsule. publishes latest news and updates about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology and Upcoming ICO’s.

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