Bitcoin Mining Pool Bitfury To Launch Blockchain Accelerator With Russian University

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency News

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Bitfury, the Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer and blockchain software firm collaborates with Plekhanov Russian University of Economics to evolve a blockchain accelerator program that will probably be focused on fintech innovation.

According to Russian crypto site Forklog, the university will offer support in the development of blockchain projects and will provide courses and additional education dedicated to “training specialists who are able to create innovative projects using digital technologies in a short time”. The leader of  Bitfury Russia,  Dmitry Ufaev, stated that this endeavor is to allow the new talent to bring [the projects] to market amid the new industrial revolution. 

Currently on a high role Bitfury, recently managed to secure  $80 million USD in a funding round that was head by Mike Novogratz. Notably, while the market seems to be facing a rough year, cryptocurrencies and blockchain adoption has been steadily increasing. Just this month, Ethereum Foundation backed a Blockchain Course in the University of Tokyo, Aeternity, launched free blockchain education course and the Tezos Foundation partners with Kingsland University to build a blockchain course.

Blockchain Education on the rise 

A survey illustrated that, blockchain engineers earns at par with AI experts, considering that the blockchain related job market have seen a boon recently, it is obvious global universities strive to stay updated with their courses.

While cryptocurrency is the most famous use case of the blockchain technology, the technology has a much broader spectrum. Recognizing its underling potential, universities have started to classes in blockchain and crypto technologies. According to a Coinbase study, almost half of the top 50 universities in the world offer at-least one blockchain or crypto class.

Currently, the places like Singapore and Hong Kong are attracting top blockchain talent. However, the employment market could shift over time as the effort of nurturing blockchain development continues, Bitfury’s current venture is one such effort in this direction.

According to the  publishing, the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics will receive direct support from Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media for the new project. Notably, this will attract  attention of Russia’s central bank ad legislature, who are knee-deep in creating a ‘crypto-ruble’.

Bitfury on a high

Over the last month, Bitfury managed to add Antoine Dresch and Annette Nazareth to its ranks, both an extensively experienced US investment bankers.   Antoine Dresch formerly sported the role as VP at investment powerhouse Goldman Sachs, Bitfury CEO Valery Vavilov stated:

Antoine’s years of experience in investment banking and mergers and acquisitions will be valuable assets as BitFury continues to grow. Annette will serve in a different capacity; as a trusted advisor, she will help guide and support BitFury by offering her comprehensive knowledge on financial markets and regulation.”

Annette Nazareth held a position with the US Securities and Exchange Commission before she shifted to Bitfury. Bitfury’s statement upon her appointment stated:

“She is an experienced financial markets regulator and recognized authority on regulatory issues. As SEC commissioner, she worked on numerous groundbreaking initiatives, including execution quality disclosure rules, implementation of equities decimal pricing, short sale reforms, corporate debt transparency rules and modernization of the national market system.”

Bitfury is indeed on a role and trying to envelope all aspects of the industry to establish itself as a pioneer in the space.

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