Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Power Payments To Be Tested In A Japanese Bar

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Now pay for your sparkling wine and soft drinks with Bitcoin(BTC), though only in one bar in Japan. Reportedly, the bar teams up with a Japan-based lightning startup that will allow its customers to pay for their drinks via an experimental payments network.

 Nayuta, a Japan-based lightning startup will be partnering with Awabar Fukouka will try a payment system for the month of June. The team is calling it a “field test.”

Bitcoin supporters are rooting for The Lightning Network, believing that this as the best way to scale bitcoin that will enable more users to use the payment system at once. Notably, the technology is still pretty new and thus carry some risks as well. To that end, Nayuta will test the project and will further analyze how the technology works in the real world. The ‘test’ will allow them to understand what is needed for making it easier to use.

Awabar asserts that their role is “small,” as the technology is not designed by them. However, they are “delighted” to participate and to put up the technology to the test in a brick-and-mortar context. The company said in a statement:

“We hope it helps familiarize the community with the lightning network payment system.”

Here’s a video to showcase the users over how to use the point of sale app, which is developed by Nayuta and run on the open source payment processor BTCPay:

Know for helping to draw up specifications for the lightning network, Nayuta launched its own implementation of the budding payment layer geared specifically for connected devices or the Internet of Things (IoT). The idea is that as the tech components grow less expensive, more devices such as refrigerators and TVs will connect to the internet for data collection.

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