A Strip Club in Las Vegas will accept Bitcoins as Payement

While doing regular researches on Bitcoins and Crypto Currencies, a new story came in from Las Vegas.

Legends Room, a strip Club in Las vegas is in planning to accept  cryptocurrencies,specially Bitcoin in the form of payments. Bitcoin will be accepted for services such as private dances and drinks.

Nick Blomgre, Founder of Legends Room strip club explains that his club is focusing on to capture the attention of millennials and tech enthusiasts. He aims to entice Tech Enthusiasts with Bitcoin and Beautiful Women.

The club will also have a bitcoin automated teller machine (ATM) in the lobby.

The club is expected to open at the end of May.

Peter Klamaka,  a techie will be helping to move the strip club’s daily operation into the digital currency world.  An interesting statement that Klamka made was in an interview with Motherboard “If you think who own bitcoins and who uses it– Younger, technologically inclined and who likes the idea of nightclubs and beautiful women— Therefore, we created an opportunity for somewhere they’d really want to spend it.

Apart from Bitcoin, the Legend’s Room Stripclub has also created it’s own crypto currency called LGD. It is built on Ethereum blockchain.

Club visitor can buy LGD to gain a private VIP Access. The VIP membership which can only be purchased with LGD tokens gives members private access to an area created for celebrities and famous athletes

“Vegas is all about what’s new, what’s different,” Klamka explains. “So let’s put a QR code on a porn star’s thigh and you can scan your app or even your blockchain wallet right on her thigh.

Sex Workers and Adult Businesses continue to Adopt Cryptocurrency Solutions

As bitcoin’s value and importance is increasing, sex workers and adult entertainment  businesses firms are inclining towards digital currency solutions. “It’s convenient because you don’t have to worry about being robbed and clients can’t do chargebacks like credit cards details” a sex worker mentioned .

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