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Hong Kong based Bitcoin Cash Miner, MC POOL, started it just for fun.

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Anonymous Miner from Hong Kong Setting Milestones with Mammoth Bitcoin Cash Mining

At present, there are two mining pools that have dedicated significant hashpower towards mining of Bitcoin Cash. Viabtc along with an unknown darkhorse known as “MC Pool” had been cooking up a storm with their Bitcoin mining activities since the hard fork became a reality on 1st August 2017. MC Pool which succeeded in mining a lion’s share of BCH blocks was tracked back to a hostel address in Hong Kong known as Kwong Wah Mansion.

The owner of ‘MC pool’ who wishes to remain anonymous started BCH mining along with his “big miner friends” just “for fun”. He also had the objective of promoting “Genesis Block” his trading startup which aims to deal with local cryptocurrency meet-ups, Over-the-counter sales, day trading and night time lectures.

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But neither he nor his friends could manage to shell out profit from the nascent Bitcoin Cash mining. Thus they shifted gears to the traditional Bitcoin chain. There does not exist any possibility of this anonymous miner or his friends of mining BitcoinCash again anytime soon.

In spite of his failure, the miner from Hong-Kong feels that this new form of cryptocurrency can make it big in the market arena just like its predecessors. He is planning to roll forward his trading centere in its full capacity by middle of September which as of now is under renovation.

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