Bitzon – A Unique Blockchain Technology Based Platform For Small Scale Businesses To Thrive In The Global Market

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What is Bitzon?

With the advent of digitization, companies from all around the world have been shifting their businesses online. However, this shift requires a significant amount of capital investment and manpower that small-scale business cannot afford. Additionally, this small business typically produce less number of products, and half of their online earning is consumed by selling costs and overhead costs. This leaves them with no opportunity to set footing in the global market and grow with other companies. Here comes Bitzon which solves this problem.

Guyverson Jr. Vernous, the CEO and lead blockchain expert of Bitzon platform has identified the complexities of such small-scale enterprises and offered the solution they have been looking for. Bitzon is basically a blockchain technology based network that allows buyers and sellers to leverage the potential of e-commerce platform in the most reliable and cost-effective way. It also offers several coins, tokens and credit option; making it different from another platform. Additionally, when buyers use BITZON token, they receive a 10% discount for lifetime purchases as an incentive.

Sellers, on the other hand, get a platform where they can showcase their products and select any listed currency to receive their compensations. The sellers have to pay monthly subscription fees to enjoy the services of Bitzon platform. Moreover, when they make a sale through BITZON token, they only have to pay 50% of the monthly subscription and are not charged exchange fees.

Benefits of Using Bitzon Platform 

Bitzon is a reliable platform where users across the world can buy and sell products at lesser cost. Here are the key benefits of this platform for buyers as well as sellers:-

Benefits of Using Bitzon For sellers

  • It offers effective, simple and cost-effective tools along with a seamless interface to exhibit products internationally.
  • Increases the possibility of entering the international consumables market
  • Extensive support from the Bitzon team
  • Items can be sold for various currencies depending on the seller

Benefits of Using Bitzon For Buyers 

  • Avail bespoke items from millions of sellers spawned across the globe
  • Items can be purchased via cryptocurrency or Bitzon token with minimal fees
  • Buyers receive cashback, discounts, and offers when they pay from Bitzon tokens
  • Quality Guaranteed Bitzon that ensures all the products listed on the platform are authentic.

Bitzon Airdrop

In order to promote the network on a larger scale, the creators have initiated BitzonAirdrop. In this, the platform offers 30 Million coins to the users who are willing to promote Bitzon on typeform or social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram. So, users can promote this platform on their respective social media channels and get their followers to join this network and earn 30 Million coins in return.

Bitzon Initial Coin Offering | Bitzon ICO

The Bitzon platform work on the Ethereum ERC20 platform, making it compatible with third-party wallet services, exchanges and listings. The platform launched its ICO on September 1st 2018 which will last till October 1st 2018. 65% of the overall distribution would be reserved for sale, 10% will be distributed amongst partners and advisors, 13% will be shared amongst the project team, 8% will be contributed towards bonus and reserve and 3% will be added to bounties.

Once the token sale campaign is finished, tokens can be purchased or sold easily on different cryptocurrency trading marketplaces. The creators plan to launch BITZON token on more than 12 international cryptocurrency trading platforms. This means users can exchange the BITZON token for any liquid cryptocurrency.

The sales proceed will be allocated as 52% will be contributed towards branding and marketing, 14% will be added to infrastructure development, 5% will go towards and legal and financial overhead, 3% will be added to bounty and overheads, and 3% will be reserved for gift code inventory.

By offers a seamless interface and effective functionalities, Bizton network aims at creating an easy network for small business to thrive in the global market. It enables sellers to showcase their products to the global market infraction of the cost that they would pay to another e-commerce platform, thus offer equal opportunities to flourish.

Bitzon Airdrop :

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