Auxesis- Connecting India to Blockchain Technology

Auxesis is a company providing blockchain solutions in the field of banking, insurance and various other sectors. The company has high profile clients including Andhra Pradesh Government.

Here are some details about one of the earliest Blockchain companies in India, collected by in an official interview of one of the Spokesperson from Auxesis Group.

Firstly, WHAT IS BLOCKCHAIN ? (in words of Auxesis team or the Founder)

A blockchain is a distributed database including immutable information, comparable to a Google document without Google. Blockchain technology is the future core technology of government services and banking, removing potentially any system where trust is now centralised and replacing it with a decentralised system.

As per World Bank report presented in European Parliament, 10% of existing IT infrastructure would be shifted to Blockchain by the year 2025.

Blockchain technology`s potential has been realized over the past years by governments, banks and companies which invested already over $2bn in blockchain research, training, innovation and development, mostly in the USA, Europe & China, with Indian institutions catching up with their own blockchain initiatives since last year.

What is Auxesis Group?

Auxesis Group is a Blockchain innovation and development company based in Mumbai with business offices in London, and San Francisco. Auxesis Group was founded in 2015, one of the earliest companies of its kind and the first in India. Auxesis soon emerged as an enterprise grade blockchain solution providing company, and today has numerous high-profile clients among government, banking, insurance and other industries, and we are ranked a “Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Company.”

Which projects are currently on Auxesis’ work radar? What are the future prospects?

Auxesis is building a blockchain enterprise solutions, using its own blockchain infrastructure called AuxLedger, focused on production-readiness: Security, Performance, and scalability. This ledger will be the core infrastructure of our ambitious Aadhar Chain project on which we are planning to move 1.2 billion population for Identity Management. With the help of State Governments of India, till now 53  Million People`s identity has been already moved on AuxLedger, increasing transparency, security and a corruption free governance.

We are also building a Prepaid Visa card solution for the Governments of Andhra Pradesh, for which we are customizing our AuxPay solution. Further government blockchain solutions are being planned for Healthcare, Voting, Land registry and value transfer systems. We are also working with Industry leaders such as AIG, VISA, Delloite, IIT Bombay, Quattro on various initiatives.

Some of our products are AuxCE, AUXY, AuxPAY which are enabling multiple solutions for many of our clients. Other than that, we have a number of solutions which exchanges and Bitcoin wallet providers can use to grow the cryptocurrency business at lower or almost no fee.

Our overall goal is to build a blockchain ecosystem in India, to facilitate decentralization and digitization.

Tell us about the profile of the founder of Auxesis?

Auxesis Group`s founder is Kumar Gaurav, a serial entrepreneur and Top Blockchain Influencer who has been granted Extra Ordinary Status (O1 Visa) by the United States Government.

He also founded Cashaa, a UK based money transfer platform which enables users to send money for a 1£ flat fee anywhere in the world. He is also Vice President for Responsible Gold LLC. Kumar is in the editorial group of top blockchain media, international speaker, and advisor for many blockchain & Bitcoin companies.

Auxesis Group`s CEO is Akash Gaurav is an IIT graduate. He was the manager of E-Cell, IIT Bombay. He also founded FCOF, an initiative under IIT Bombay which connected over 10,000+ start-ups to freelancers and co-founders. During early days in the college, he was in the Core Group of the Innovation Cell to build the country’s first self-driving car.

The leadership of the companies comes from various companies such as HSBC, Emirates, RBS, and IBM.

What is Cashaa and how it is related to Auxesis?

Cashaa is one of the product built by  Auxesis Group that enables international payments for a 1£ flat fee and for the best exchange rate, using cryptocurrency in the background, without money sender or receiver having to know about it. For traders, we provide huge opportunities as we are the first to enable trading on global markets. Cashaa has also been ranked a Top100 Blockchain Company.

Tell us something about the event taking place on 4 August 2017. How will Blockchain Technology help in the gold supply chain? What is the future of Blockchain in India?

Mr. Kumar is working on an initiative to remove the issues of conflict free, green gold to build a Responsible Gold standard, which is going to be presented at the Bullion Federation`s Conference.

Concerning the future of Blockchain in India, we are aiming to provide the next generation “internet of value”, empowering the trillion dollars Indian economy and defense system using our Auxledger infrastructure. Auxledger will also empower entrepreneurs and developers to build their own next generation blockchain applications.

India is one of the brightest countries and full of resources when its comes to software and has the largest population of engineers. The buzz may have come late, but as one of the early adopters, we are creating the space and helping other companies to build the ecosystem.

We are going to set up India`s first blockchain Lab focused on use cases in defense, IoT, cybersecurity, and banking, together with IIT & IIM, to create an ecosystem with high tech, finance, and legal framework for the 4th industrial revolution.

About the Event

Bullion Federation is organizing a conference in which the Auxesis Founder, Mr Kumar Gaurav will present how Blockchain Technology can be used in Gold Supply Chain market in India.

The event is being organized in JW Marriot Hotel, Delhi Aerocity, New Delhi.

Date and Timings- 4 August 2017, 6.30 Pm. posts latest news and updates about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies.

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