Blockchain-based betbox app to create a “personal and open” betting experience

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Press Release

Almost everyone among us has placed bets with friends or family at some point in their lives. Even in the digital age, there is a lack of proper betting and gambling platforms that create a unique and personalized social betting experience.

Right there, betbox comes into place to fill a much-needed demand and position itself as one of the first solutions when it comes to social betting.

But which are the problems which are tackled by betbox?

The protocol is able to solve the following common problems when it comes to betting, gambling and social interaction: 

  • Security of funds and transparency 
  • Individuality and fair odds 
  • Guaranteed payout 
  • Global accessibility

What is betbox?

Betbox is a blockchain-powered platform, which takes a new approach within the betting and gambling industry.

To begin with, betbox is a social media platform on which users may experience a unique and unprecedented betting experience. Below you may find some of the exciting features which are provided by the application.

Individual events

Users may create individual and personalized events in a public or private environment. All events can be placed in cryptocurrencies and soon also in FIAT.

Personal Challenges

The user can set up crazy challenges and share them with the community and even get a share of the total pot as a reward for completing the challenge. Anyone can bet on the fact whether a user is able to pass the challenge or not.

Jackpot events

The user may take part in never-seen jackpot events. Thanks to the highly scalable nature of the application, betbox aims to provide the opportunity to win exclusive prices in raffles and other innovative features. The user may participate in this kind of jackpot events with a small stake, starting from 0.01 ETH. The risk/reward ratio for betbox users is mind-blowing.

Live feed

Betbox will provide a Facebook-like social media feed. Users may decide what activities they want to see and personalize their experience according to their needs. Like this, users won’t miss out on the hottest and trending bets within the betbox ecosystem. Additionally, users may keep track on which events their friends currently are betting on.

Secure Wallets

The wallets on betbox provide the latest security features to keep user assets safe. Even with little technical expertise, users may easily manage and access their assets without any impediments.

With the help of blockchain technology, all betting data is stored in a decentralized fashion, ensuring that nobody may corrupt the data. Furthermore, thanks to the use of the blockchain, the distribution process is transparent and understandable to each and every user.

Issuance of betbox coin

The native currency of OX-Chain will be issued on the Ethereum Mainnet and can be swapped to the native environment anytime through the provided interchain-relay. They also provide a way for users to convert the betbox coin directly to FIAT and even deliver a cashout-gateway system in the future with prepaid credit cards.


Betbox builds an innovative events-platform with marketplace, where people from anywhere in the world can socialize and engage in any kind of monetized event.

The platform ensures full transparency of all integrated features by being completely decentralized.

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