Blockchain Browser Brave Tests Cryptocurrency Tips For Twitter Users

by | May 25, 2019 | Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency News

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Blockchain browser Brave announced on May 23, that it is testing a  tipping function for social media platform Twitter over its Nightly version.

As per the post, Brave Nightly users will have access to the new feature for tipping tweets with the Brave Rewards program. Brave Nightly is the testing and development version of blockchain-based browser that blocks ads and website trackers. The new feature is designed to award content creators via Brave native digital tokens, basic attention tokens (BAT).

Another announcement on the project’s website further elaborates about the tipping feature:

“When you visit Twitter in the Brave Browser for desktop, you will see a special tip button on each tweet. Tap on a tip button to send a tip directly to the author of the tweet. Tips are sent instantly and appear in their Brave Rewards account within minutes.”

The Brave Rewards will also enable users to tip creators to gift tips on the video-sharing website YouTube while users watch their video.

Brave launched Brave Ads in April, the feature enables users to earn rewards for watching advertising. Users could earn  70% of the ad revenue share in the form of BATs. The Brave Ads feature is purportedly aimed at connecting brands with people who are interested in advertising, while eliminating costs, and risks regarding privacy, security, and fraud.

Last December, Brave became the default browser on HTC’s smartphones, wherein the browser will be pre-installed on the HTC Exodus 1, “the first native blockchain phone” with support for multiple blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.

As of press time, BAT is trading at $0.347 and as per CoinMarketCap the token has gained 2.22% over the past 24 hours.

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Image source – Brave twitter

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