India Ranked Number 2 In The List Of Countries With Most Number Of Blockchain Developers

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Blockchain Developers In India Rising,India Behind Only U.S. In Countries with Most Number of Blockchain Developers

In terms of Software programming and developers, India has been a forerunner for years and the same legacy seems to be extended when it comes to blockchain technology as well. According to software developers market analysis carried out by Dappros, a London-based blockchain consulting firm, the number of blockchain developers in India is surging. India is ranked number 2 in the list of countries with most number of blockchain developers, just behind the United States.

The much-coveted blockchain developers are required to master some different programming languages, such as Python and C++. Here is the list of Top 10 countries by absolute number of blockchain developers.

Top 10 countries by absolute number of blockchain developers

No. Country Ethereum   Solidity   Blockchain  Hyperledger  Total Estimate 
1 United States 5,818 3,184 44,979 1,772 27,876
2 India 2,381 1,432 19,627 1,579 12,509
3 United Kingdom 1,219 645 13,076 372 7,656
4 Canada 990 560 7,196 342 4,544
5 France 746 426 7,152 242 4,283
6 Germany 708 399 6,682 227 4,008
7 Netherlands 467 272 5,714 172 3,312
8 Australia 487 279 4,621 118 2,753
9 Spain 594 351 4,042 238 2,612
10 Brazil 384 217 3,623 155 2,189

Here is a heatmap for countries with most number of blockchain developers in 2018:-

blockchain developers in india | blockchain in india | blockchain technology

Top 10 countries by relative number of blockchain developers (% of the population)

No. Country Population  Blockchain developers, est. per 100K population 
1 Malta 475,701 46
2 Luxembourg 602,005 36
3 Singapore 5,638,700 36
4 Switzerland 8,508,904 24
5 Netherlands 17,260,600 19
6 Cyprus 854,800 15
7 Slovenia 2,067,284 14
8 Ireland 4,857,000 14
9 Estonia 1,319,133 14
10 Canada 37,246,700 12

Here is the heatmap for the world blockchain developers by country, relative to population size, 2018:-

blockchain developers in india | blockchain in india | blockchain technology

Though the second list does not mention  India & U.S., it does not imply that they pose a skill shortage of blockchain developer. The term absolute number of developers in the country is derived by comparing the saturation of blockchain developers in the country to its overall population size. The detailed report is available here.

When calculated such that,  Malta, Luxembourg, and Singapore takes the top three positions in the list. The report notes that Malta has estimated 46 blockchain developers per 100,000 population, whereas India has just 1 blockchain developer per 100,000 population. The United States has 8 blockchain developer per 100,000 population while Singapore has 36.

To derive the result, parameters such as social networking and job website postings for Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity, Bitcoin, and Hyperledger developer profiles have been analyzed; along with the relative saturation of blockchain developers per country. Notably, both the analysis delivers a different set of countries taking leading positions in the ranking. The report further elaborated other insights including full global ranking as well as heatmaps for the world, Europe and Asia.

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