Blockchain Hackathon at IIT Delhi on 24 February 2018

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Best of Block Inc in collaboration with IncubateIND invites coders and Blockchain enthusiasts to come and participates in the Blockchain Hackathon. Top 3 will be funded by 40 million angels fund by Best Of Block Inc .

About the Blockchain Hackathon

The Best Of Block Inc invites coders and blockchain enthusiasts to envision and build prototypes using Blockchain Technology at Blockchain Hackathon 2018 powered by IncubateIND in association with eDC IIT Delhi. The hackathon is scheduled to happen on 24 February 2018.

Prize: Top 3 will be funded by 40 million angels fund by Best Of Block Inc .

This Blockchain hackathon is an ideal platform for any competitive developer, startup founder, professional or a UI/UX expert to meet Investors and get funded to kickstart their Blockchain Entrepreneurship journey.

Consulting and Investments Partner

Knowledge Partner

 blockchain hackathon iit delhi 28 february 2018

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Challenges at Hackathon

The blockchain hackathon is an open theme hackathon but using only blockchain Technology. Participants will be selected on basis of registrations details. Those teams will be preferred which are already running blockchain startup or which have build MVP or prototype or are in alpha, beta stage.

To register for the hackathon, visit

About Best of Block Inc 

Best of Block Inc based in New Delhi and Thailand is a blockchain service provider company such as building blockchain products, researching new areas around Blockchain, advising and training individuals willing to learn professionally about Blockchain Technology.

Some more Blockchain services that the company provides:

  1. Developing cryptocurrencies and wallets,
  2. Developing Web, mobile and paper wallets for your cryptocurrency,
  3. Developing Electrum Wallets for your cryptocurrency which would be similar to Bitcoin Electrum wallet,
  4. Cryptocurrency Repairs and Alterations,
  5. Developing Block Explorer for your cryptocurrency, and more.

The Best Of Block Inc invites coders and blockchain enthusiasts to envision and build prototypes across blockchain platform. Best of Blocks Inc Blockchain Hackathon powered by IncubateIND in association with eDC IIT Delhi. Consulting and investment partner Ideas2Action. Knowledge partners NASSCOM 10,000 Startups and outreach partners 91springboard and kryptomoney.

To know more about Best of Block Inc, visit their official website :-

About Ideas2Action 

Ideas to Actions is a consultancy incorporated focussing on business incubation. The company provides  360 degree consultancy services that enables startups with new business ideas to make it happen.
The company provides consultancy services to matured businesses by providing:

  • Know How to develop unexplored markets,
  • Integrate Ecosystems,
  • Build Brand Names,
  • Steer Profitability,
  • Forge Strategic Partnerships,
  • Bring about backward and forward integration to create a value chain.

The consultancy service provider also provides incubation training to budding minds and young entrepreneurs. Ideas to Action handholds, creates roadmap for businesses, helps them thrive in the competition and create a niche for themselves.

About IncubateIND

IncubateIND provides a platform to network with budding startups and to grow together. IncubateIND works to solve world’s greatest problem through technology driven community of entrepreneurs, student and government.

IncubateIND conducts various workshops on:

  1. Drone,
  2. Health,
  3. Bots,
  4. Cyber security ,
  5. Blockchain, and many more.

The workshops prooves to be a platform where participants can learn entirely new skills or platforms from various mentors who shares their knowledge acquired with years of experience.

To know more about IncubateIND, and to register for the hackathon,visit their official website:

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