India Blockchain Week 2017

India Blockchain Week 2017, a Five-day International Blockchain event is being organized in Mumbai from 22 Septemeber.

About the Event

The India Blockchain Week 2017, or IBW , is a Five-day event. Prior to the Blockchain conference, there will be a three-day ‘Hack-the-Block’ hackathon that will revolve around solving real-life problems using Blockchain technology.

Barclay’s accelerator, Rise Mumbai, will be hosting this Hackathon and playing an important role in setting the problem statements and judging/evaluating the entries.

India Blockchain Week is being organized to bring the Best minds of the world on a single platform to foster the Blockchain Community in India.

Place, Date and Time

The India Blockchain week is going to take place in Mumbai, India.

It is a series of events lasting  five Day starting from 22 September till 26 September.

Timings are mentioned in full day agenda below.


-> 3 Days Hackathon starting from Friday 22 September,2017, 5.30 pm to 9 pm. The hackathon continues for next two days starting on 9 AM. The hackathon will be conducted at Rise, Mumbai.

-> 2 Day Blockchain Conference, scheduled for 25th & 26th September at The Leela Hotel, Mumbai. Speakers from over Seven different countries are invited to talk about how Blockchain  Technology is transforming various buisness sectors.

Speakers at the Event

  1. EDDY TRAVIA: CEO, Coinsilium
  2. RUDI KRUGER: Founder, INDeX Innovation Group
  3. JASPREET BINDRA : Senior Vice-President, Digitial Innovation, Mahindra Group
  4. ISH GOEL : CEO, Somish
  5. LUIS CARRANZA :CEO, Fintech Worldwide
  6. MARTIJN SIEBRAND : Specialist Blockchain, Logistics and Finance , Van Oers Accountancy & Advies
  7. KARTIC RAKHRA :Vice-President, Marketing , Somish
  8. SAMRAT KISHOR :Manager, Deloitte
  9. NITIKA ARORA :CTO, Somish
  10. ARJUN MALHOTRA :Founding Partner, Investopad
  11. AMO KALAR :Deputy T&I Commissioner, British High Commission
  12. UTSAV SOMANI :Head, India AngelList

If you wish to Speak at the event or Sponsor it or Exhibit your product/services in the event, click here for registeration.

“Blockchain solutions are built on the ‘power of we. This is a cutting edge technology quickly moving beyond its infancy and has the potential to massively reduce costs and induce transparency across industries. Sectors like Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Pharma and Agriculture have seen disruption globally, thanks to the advent of this technology. While we have worked extensively in the European market to build such solutions, Indian businesses have been a tad slow in embracing and experimenting with the technology.”  – says Ish Goel, CEO, Somish the organizing company.

Prior registration is required to attend the event. For more details about the event and registration please visit the organizers website.

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